Nail Polish Canada – The Great Polish Giveaway!

So, recently I learned about this amazing giveaway NPC was hosting. They are allowing bloggers to get into the action and help the prize grow. I was eager to join in and selected one of my top lemmings to add to the prize pot.

Here’s the best part… the winner could win up to 200 bottles of polish, all selected by your favourite bloggers!!! Each blog is hosting a unique entry form… so that means you can visit each blog and gain new entries. I’m so pumped for this giveaway.

So… what polish did I pick?

Lilypad Lacquer’s Apple Crisps. Like I said, I don’t have it yet so you can head over to NPC’s site to see swatches.

Enter here and make sure to visit all the other blogs to get more entries.

lilypad lacquer apple crisps

Follow the Giveaway here! 🙂 

Click it!!!

The other polishes included in the prize are listed here.



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