Emerald & Ash – Stubble Jumper

I was super excited when a friend let me know that Emerald & Ash were looking for some bloggers to help swatch their new Life in Color collection. I hadn’t tried any Emerald & Ash polishes before, but I’m always happy to add another brand to my list of indie loves.

Last week, a box showed up in my mailbox containing three polishes and a cuticle oil.

First up, the teal/blue polish called Stubble Jumper. This name made me do a double-take, but apparently stubble is the cut-down wheat in a field… so Stubble Jumper refers to a farmer jumping over that stubble! City-girl me would have never figured that out alone. Stubble Jumper is a smokey teal with blue shimmer and gold flakie glitter.


I used three coats of Stubble Jumper and one coat of my topcoat. I found this colour was easy to work with and had great coverage after three coats.



Shipping on this collection begins on July 21. The polishes are $9-$9.50 each, and for Canadians shipping starts at $7.50 and $1 for each additional polish. Check out the full collection here… and stayed tuned for my other swatches! Happy Friday!


6 thoughts on “Emerald & Ash – Stubble Jumper

    • Thanks, Rebecca! I wanted to have them up sooner but was too busy celebrating my birthday! 😉 I love the flakies too.

  1. The shimmer and flakies in that polish make it look so special! The greyed out teal base is going to be fabulous for fall.

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