Emerald & Ash – Zetus Lapetus

Next up from Emerald & Ash is Zetus Lapetus, a beautiful hot pink polish with blue microflakies.

I love, love the color and finish of this polish. I did find the formula quite thick and decided to thin it out with some of my Poshe polish reviver. Once I did that, it was great.

I used 3 coats and one coat of topcoat as usual. Please excuse the blue ink on my finger… a pen I was using leaked all over and it didn’t scrub off for 3-4 days!!!




I adore this polish! I love the unique flakies… and we all know I love pink!


This polish was sent for review – but all opinions are always my own!

3 thoughts on “Emerald & Ash – Zetus Lapetus

  1. We both know those who cannot appreciate the beauty that is pink. So sad. This just makes me happy!
    Any info as to where the name originates?

    • I know… those silly pink-haters!

      The name is from a Disney made-for-TV movie called Zenon that came out in 1999. It’s the main character’s catch phrase.

      I had to look it up when I got the polish, because I didn’t know either!

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