BlackLace Cosmetics – Aphrodite

I finally have the last polish from the first half of the Mount Olympus collection by BlackLace Cosmetics ready to go.

This one gave me such a hard time photographing it, due to the vibrant hue of pink which is notoriously difficult to capture on film. I tried multiple times, which is why it took so long! Finally, I found the formula… overcast day, natural light, and flash and I got the colour to show properly! Phew.

I used 3 coats and topcoat in these pictures. The formula was great, and you can probably get away with 2 coats on this one. Aside from the blindingly bright shade, it also packs a sprinkling of scattered holo throughout. So pretty!!



Can you see the holo glitter in there? Very pretty! This and Athena… and Hermes, are probably my favourites out of this half of the collection! Check them all out here, including the second half of the collection. Happy Monday!

Disclaimer: This polish was sent for review – but all opinions are always my own! 


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