Emerald & Ash Cuticle Oil & Overview

In my recent package I received from Emerald & Ash, I also received a sample of their cuticle oil to try out. The scent of the month is Fresh Cut Grass… and is it ever! The oil smells exactly like freshly cut lawns, without the sneeze factor. As you can see, I’ve been enjoying the cuticle oil. One thing I really appreciate is that it’s formulated with jojoba oil, which is really important in maintaining cuticle health! I admit, I haven’t been great at upkeeping my nails this summer (which has led to many breaks on my left hand), so this little bottle has been great to have on hand.


I really love the roller ball applicator. It keeps the oil from getting all over and only applies where I want it to be! Perfect. The best part is that E&A offer their cuticle oil in a HUGE variety of scents. Seriously, go check out the list right here… it’s enormous. The next ones I want to try out are Lilac, Toasted Marshmallows, and Vanilla Champagne.


Overall, I’ve really enjoyed these polishes and oil from E&A! My favorite polish was hard to choose… pink, purple, and blue are my most reached for polish colours. I love Titty Sprinkles for it’s name, Zetus Lapetus for the colour, and Stubble Jumper for the awesome flakies.

Zetus Lapetus – a pretty pink with blue microflakies. 

Stubble Jumper – a blue with blue shimmer and gold microflakies.

Titty Sprinkles – a polish with a hilarious name, and a crazy amount of flakies in all sorts of colours! 

Check out my reviews of all three, and then choose your own favourite! Happy Sunday!

Disclaimer: I received these products for review – but all opinions are always my own! 


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