Colors by Llarowe – Surf My Wave

Colors by Llarowe’s summer collection was enormous (over 30 polishes!) so I had a really hard time narrowing down my choices to fit my budget. I finally got myself down to 3 and then quickly shut my eyes to avoid seeing the other polishes again… lest my haul grow and grow.

The first polish I chose was Surf My Wave, a gorgeous bright mid-tone blue packed with holo. The formula was great, and this is 3 coats with topcoat.


colors-by-llarowe-cbl-surf-my-wave-swatchPersonally, I find it to be a great blue that stands out against my skin tone. Very summery and definitely reminds me of those beautiful ocean waves we all want to see this time of year. Did you get any of the summer collection polishes from CbL? Which ones?



2 thoughts on “Colors by Llarowe – Surf My Wave

  1. That’s beautiful – it looks a bit like a more vibrant version of a Lilypad Lacquer polish I got this summer. There was this neon green one by Llarowe called Holiday Road after the Vacation movies, and I’m still kicking myself for not getting it before it sold out!

    • Oh I think I have seen that one. I’m not a hug green fanatic so I probably didn’t notice it as much… But I know the feeling of regret when skipping a polish!

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