Emily de Molly – Dark Forces

I got really excited when I first saw this polish from Emily de Molly… Dark Forces has those holo big circle glitters aren’t common in polishes, but they are just so fun. I knew immediately I had to have it. Yet, it’s taken me forever to get around to using it! Oops! The polish itself is gorgeous, but I did find the formula a bit finicky. The big circles are a bit of a pain. I didn’t have to fish any out of the bottle, which is good, but I did have to try and spread them out as they tended to clump together on my nails. Also, the black base was pretty sheer, so I ended up doing 3 coats of the polish. The glitter is so big that after 3 coats it gets pretty lumpy. Sigh. I had higher expectations! I’m hoping I can try it out again and have better success.



I love how the glitter flashes different colours even when layered under the jelly base. It’s just so pretty!!! I’m sure you can see the unevenness of my nails in the pictures though. I’m torn on this one! Are you willing to overlook a less than stellar application if the polish is one you love? Let me know how you feel!


2 thoughts on “Emily de Molly – Dark Forces

  1. Layering Dark Forces over a black cream will result in a much smoother finish, and allow the glitter to show through 🙂 The rest of the Forces collection can also benefit from undies. Just look for good opaque creams in similar colors .

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