Sephora Give Me Some Lip Kit

Recently, Sephora added a few new sets to their Sephora Favourites section of their website. I’m always a big fan of these sets, as you can make one purchase and try out a bunch of products for a generally great price. I picked up the Give Me Some Lip set, and split it with a friend, so each of us got 3 products for $15. Generally they are a mix of deluxe-sized and full-size, but always a great deal.


The Smashbox gloss is full-sized and retails alone for over $20, so this kit is a great value. I ended up keeping the Bite, Urban Decay, and Marc Jacobs and passed the rest along.


The Urban Decay Revolution lipstick mini comes in the shade Naked. The deluxe sized Bite High Pigment Lip Pencil is in the colour Meritage, and the mini Marc Jacobs Lust for Lacquer in Kissability. Out of the three, I think the Bite and UD are my favourites.

The Bite lip pencil is really interesting. Based on the shot on the box, I was expecting a much more red colour. This is a neutral as well, just a little more amped up. The formula was really great though… it even lasted through eating and drinking! I love the crayon style as well, it makes precise application easy. I’m definitely interested in trying out more shades from this line.

The UD lipsticks have been really great. I already own a few other shades, so I was happy to get this one in mini size. Naked is a great basic neutral to wear every day. I find the formula is really creamy and lasts for quite a while. No complaints!

Finally, the Marc Jacobs gloss was my least favourite of the bunch. It has some gold glitter in it that makes it feel slightly chunky at times, and the doe-foot applicator felt really hard and dry… almost like it was picking up no product. I wonder if that’s a result of it being mini-sized, or just the way the applicator is. I don’t have any other Marc Jacobs glosses to compare it to. The colour is really pretty though, and I love the scent. Slightly minty and tingling which I like, but overall it was just okay.

give me lip 3Bite, Urban Decay, Marc Jacobs.

Since I split this with a friend, I don’t have the other three to swatch. Are you going to pick up the Give Me Some Lip set? 


2 thoughts on “Sephora Give Me Some Lip Kit

  1. I love the UD (I have the full size) and I Loved the Bite one from last year’s set so I definitely think those would be my favourites as well 🙂

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