Eat Sleep Polish – Jugner Forest

Last time,  we were talking about discontinued polishes and today I’m featuring yet another one. Eat. Sleep. Polish. recently released a few new polishes and nail vinyls, and while I wait around for my package to arrive I thought it’d be fun to bust out one of my older untrieds from ESP.

This is Jugner Forest, a somewhat dusty green with scattered holo. I say dusty green because it’s not quite a strong, in your face green… it’s more of a subdued shade. I used two coats with topcoat. I’m having some issue with my topcoat bubbling… I’m not sure if it’s the heat, or the fan constantly blowing in here, but either way, it’s not the polish itself.


eat-sleep-polish-jugner-forestSee what I mean by dusty? Maybe it’s not the best description but I think you get my point. Did you know it’s Friday today?! I sure didn’t… this whole time I thought it was Thursday! Surprise! Happy Friday!


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