I Love Nail Polish – Pt 78

Today I chose to wear a grey polish in support of World Elephant Day.  Not being one gifted in nail art, I decided to go with a polish inspired by their amazing, wrinkly skin. Sadly, Elephants are still hunted for their ivory and these beautiful, majestic creatures need our help. You can find out more information on 96 Elephants and then Go Grey to show your support too.

I chose I Love Nail Polish’s Pt 78, a steely-charcoal grey with a smidge of holo within it. Pt is the symbol for platinum (and 78 is it’s number on the Table of Elements) so it’s a fitting name. I used two coats with topcoat. I found the formula really easy to work with, and the topcoat really added the extra shine.





Isn’t it gorgeous? Will you Go Grey today and show support for the elephants around the world? Again, you can sign a pledge at 96 Elephants, donate, or just spread the word using the #GoGrey hashtag! Happy Tuesday!


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