Urban Decay – Mrs Mia Wallace

I’m sure many of you were in the same boat I was when Urban Decay announced their new Pulp Fiction collection… excited! But, unlike many of you, I was excited because the polish and lippie were beautiful… not because of the movie. You see, I had never seen Pulp Fiction at that point! (Say whaaaat?) It’s true! So I obviously sat down with my bff Netflix and caught myself up on a 20 year old film.

So, naturally, I began stalking Sephora to see when it would be released, and as luck would have it, they actually had the product in the store during the night of the VIB Rouge event. I asked one of the staff if she could bring out the lipstick and polish for me to look at, and  I was actually first to try them both! They both jumped into my bag.

So, here is Mrs. Mia Wallace, the nail polish, from Urban Decay. I just wish they had given different names to the polish, lipstick, and liner! Too confusing. I used two coats and a topcoat… and let me tell you, this polish is insanely gorgeous. It has this golden shimmer in the bottle which shines just right in the light as a subtle shimmer on your nails. To me, it’s such a classy and rich looking colour for fall. I’m tempted to buy a backup bottle. My only negative is that I’m not a huge fan of the brush. It’s quite thin and long compared to some other polish brushes, so it takes a little adjustment.


 The box is labelled as the Pulp Fiction collection, and has a little bandaid on the back, just like Marsellus Wallace had on the back of his head. Inside, is the Ezekiel 25:17 passage he quotes in the movie. The bottle itself has a skull on the top of the lid, as usual for UD polish… but this time the top is a darker gunmetal grey to show the special edition. Enough talk! Let’s see the polish!


urban-decay-pulp-fiction-mrs-mia-wallace-polishWell, I don’t know about you… but that’s one gorgeous looking polish to me! I’m so tempted to get a backup… Happy Thursday!


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