I Love Nail Polish – Bottle Service

You may already know that around here, gold/nude holos are a favourite… so when I saw Bottle Service was being discontinued by I Love Nail Polish, I had to jump on it. Bottle Service is a champagne/silver holo, so it’s slightly different than my normal gold/nude, but it’s still within the range of absolutely gorgeous!

I love nail polish ilnp bottle service

I love the champagne sheen when the light hits your nails, and the holo really sparkles in the sun. There’s just something about a neutral nail that just does it for me…. (the other kind is a vampy nail, but I digress). This is 2 coats of Bottle Service with top coat.

I love nail polish ilnp bottle service

And, as if Bottle Service isn’t luxurious enough, why not add some diamonds to your life!? I used a nail vinyl from Eat Sleep Polish to spice it up. I wore it on my ring finger obviously, but you could play it up any way you like. While they are super easy to apply, the thin lines of the diamond make it delicate, so be patient and work with care… not like I did, which ended with the first diamond being removed from my nail in frustration. My second application, I tried to be more zen and it worked out much better. 

I love nail polish ilnp bottle service

Find I Love Nail Polish here (sadly, no more Bottle Service, but there is a beauty coming out for Fall called Iconic that you might want to check out)… and the vinyls from Eat Sleep Polish over here. And I must know, what kind of nail colour just does it for you!?


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