Enchanted Polish – Dream On and Seven Nation Army

Enchanted Polish is definitely unicorn status among the indie brands… Surprise restocks of unannounced colours, restocks that sell out in mere minutes and the monthly mystery polishes seem to send polish lovers into a tizzy! Every time I try to resist, a new restock pops up, and my collection has grown considerably thanks to Enchanted Polish. Recently, one of my favourite polish stockists, Nail Polish Canada announced they would be having an Enchanted Polish restock on August 18… and their amazing service means my order landed in my mailbox today! Sticking to my budget, I only grabbed two – Dream On (NPC’s exclusive holo purple shade), and Seven Nation Army, a black and white spotted holo glitter topcoat deliciousness.


How could I decide between the two!? The choice was obvious – use them both!

I used 2 coats of Dream On on my index and pinky (and thumb), and 3 coats of 7NA on my ring and middle fingers. With 3 coats, 7NA builds to a nice opacity, but is slightly gritty so I used 2 coats of topcoat.





The holo in Seven Nation Army makes it look kind of fuzzy and out of focus, but it’s amazing! I can’t wait to play with this over other colours! Check out the pretty macro shot.


Click on any picture for higher resolution! 🙂 Did you grab any Enchanted Polish at the NPC restock? Go to Enchanted Polish‘s website to find out when new colours arrive there as well (hint, hint – this Sunday).


8 thoughts on “Enchanted Polish – Dream On and Seven Nation Army

  1. Yeah, I wound up buying a new-to-me, but older, Enchanted Polish during NPC’s launch this week seemingly just because? Just because it was there and I was there, so…why not? I’m sure I won’t regret the decision, but it was funny anyways. Not Dream On, although it’s pretty awesome. 🙂

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