OPI – Grape… Set… Match!

Although recently I’ve been wearing lots of indie polishes, I do have a big spot in my heart (and polish stash) for OPI. My biggest problem with OPI is the huge collections they come out with… and they do it multiple times per year, so it’s hard to keep up with all my OPI lemmings! Lucky for me, I found this in a swap group I’m in, and grabbed it while I had the chance. Grape… Set… Match! came out in 2011 in a duo, with a silver holographic glitter topcoat called Servin’ Up Sparkle. The duo was released in honour of Serena Williams competing at the Wimbledon Grand Slam tournament that year, and is aptly called the Glam Slam duo.


Grape… Set… Match! is a grape purple (surprised?) packed with pink and blue shimmer that give the polish a beautiful shine and duochrome effect. This is 2 coats with topcoat… excuse the tipwear, as I’ve been busy getting my new classroom set up for the school year!




So pretty! Do you go after older polishes that you missed out on, or do you stick to new releases?! Leave me a comment below and let me know. 🙂 Happy Monday!


8 thoughts on “OPI – Grape… Set… Match!

  1. I love this polish, I think it was on my wish list when it came out but I never bought it. I usually buy a few polishes that I really like from new collections and if there’s one I missed I get it later, so it’s a mixed thing, maybe I didn’t care for the color at first but then I want it lol

    • I’m similar to that! Sometimes I want a bunch in a collection and it’s just not in the budget at that time… other collections pass by and I am not interested in many!

  2. Love this color! I’d say that I do a bit of both. If i come across a new display, I go ahead and pick up some shades that I like. But I go hunting for older polishes all the time!

  3. I often look for older polishes. I hate that feeling – passing up on a polish when it is available and then regretting it!

  4. I usually wait until I decide to buy new collections because I really want to see swatches. I am not well informed about older collections since my polish addiction only hit two years ago. But I am usually really happy when I find older polishes and buy them that struck me while browsing blogs.
    “Grape..Set..Match” seems pretty but it’s a shame that the duochrome effect is lost on the nails. 😦

    • I usually want to see swatches too… and even though I’ve been obsessed with polish for a while, I didn’t have the budget back then to purchase everything, so I definitely missed out on things I wanted! And I didn’t even know about indies!!!

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