MAC Pigments – Naked, Vanilla, Violet and Kitchmas

On a recent shopping trip with some lovely ladies, we stopped into the MAC store and I was pleased to find travel sized pigments near the cash wrap. Not all the pigments are available in travel-sized, but I would say their most popular colours are available. The ‘Sized to Go’ pigments are 2.5g of products, versus the full-sized 4.5g. The regular sized product is $12, while the full sized is $25 (Canadian) so you are actually getting a good deal (two travel-sized would be $24 for 5g of product). I decided to practice just a teensy bit of restraint, and limited myself to 4. I grabbed Vanilla and Naked immediately, as they have been on my wishlist forever. Kitchmas and Violet just popped into my bag too, since they were way too gorgeous to pass up! MAC pigments are pretty versatile – you can use them as highlights, eyeshadows (check for eye-safe colours!), blush, or mix with a mixing medium to create eyeliner… or even drop some into a clear nail polish to make your own colour! The possibilities are endless.

Without further ado, swatches of the colours I picked up. These are without primer or base. On the left, is a swatch with my finger, and on the right is the same colour blended out.


First, Vanilla…. I have been lusting after this one for so long… a gorgeous ivory with gold and pink shimmer.



See how it shift from golden at the top, to a pinky hue at the bottom? So pretty! I will probably use this most often to highlight under my brow and the inner corner of my eye.

Next is Naked pigment. This one is pretty much just that on me… It matches my skin tone really well, with lots of shimmer and shine.



You can see what I mean about it blending into my skin. I might use this as a cheek highlight, or under my brows.

Next is Kitchmas, a super sparkley baby lilac/pink pigment.



This one is very reflective and will gorgeous layered over different bases, or on the inner corner of my eye. I want to try this one mixed with some Fix+ to create a shimmery, metallic liner!

Finally, Violet pigment. I didn’t really have this on my wishlist, but after swatching it in the store, I had to have it!



This one will be amazing as an eyeshadow or liner! I can’t wait to play. I think the Sized to Go pigments are a great way to try out some new colours. I just wish the jars were a little fatter… the opening is pretty small, and getting the last bits out will be messy. Even being a travel size, they are a generous amount of product and I doubt I will use them up anytime soon! Now, if only they would release some of their other colours in this size! Do you have any MAC pigments? What’s your favourite thing to do with them?


3 thoughts on “MAC Pigments – Naked, Vanilla, Violet and Kitchmas

  1. I have naked, vanilla, rose, old gold blue brown and melon pigments and like to wear them on my eyes mostly. The brighter colours like melon or old gold I usually blend in the middle of the eyelid of a smokey eye go add some light and brightness and to prevent it from looking too dark. Blue Brown makes the most gorgeous eye for a night out and suits all eye colours!

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