Julep Maven Meetup and Holiday Sneak Peeks!

Lucky me, tonight Jane Park and her Julep Maven team hosted a meetup in Toronto, which I decided to attend alongside a handful of lovely ladies I happen to know and adore. Upon arriving we were greeted by Jane herself, along with her bubbly assistant Melissa. After pouring us a glass of wine, Jane showed us the newest Julep products and told us to have fun testing and swatching them all! Of course, through our fun (and wine) I took some photos to share with all of you! Please excuse the quality… poorly lit hotel bars and cell phones don’t play nice when trying for amazing photos!

Let’s get it kicked off with October’s polishes…




Casper is a really pretty shimmery white that also glows in the dark! This one got my vote for favourite.

Next up, the Birthstone set. They will be releasing the 12 polishes as a set in the case.




Why didn’t I get the beautiful ruby polish for July?! So gorgeous.

Next up, the real fun!! November and Holiday sneak peeks!!

November sneak peeks included 3 polishes that will be released. There will be more, but none were available yet!


And the Holiday will include a group of beautiful glitters and shimmers. The Holiday polishes are supposedly separate from the December box… December polishes were not revealed at all. Of course, this may change between now and then… so don’t hold it against me if they do end up offering these in a box.

julep meetup 7

julep meetup 5



Kendall and Laken are just gorgeous. Laken is an iridescent blue-green-teal polish that reminds me of a mermaid! Swoon.

Also coming for Holiday will be an eyeshadow palette! The palette will be sold separately (not in a box).




A neutral palette with lots of matte shades! Mostly mattes, actually, but the chocolate brown does have some shimmer. They seemed pretty nice.

Finally, a few of us who arrived early in the evening got a chance to try out a sample of a new Length Matters mascara that will be coming out later on… I haven’t tried it yet, but I’m looking forward to the chance. The brush is teeny tiny, and Jane said to just ‘swoop’ along the eyelashes when applying, and not wiggle. I will test it out and let you know!

julep meetup 11


Here we are hanging out with Jane. Thanks to  Margaret for this picture! Jane was a real sweetheart and took the time to meet and chat with everyone who came. She talked to Mir and Amy about some of the shipping issues they had, and mentioned they were looking into new shipping options for Canadians that would start after the holiday season. It was a fun night and a great chance to try out some new and upcoming products! I suggest attending the event if the Maven Meetup makes it way to your city! What are you looking forward to most from Julep?


23 thoughts on “Julep Maven Meetup and Holiday Sneak Peeks!

  1. Totally bummed I missed it I don’t drive and am only a couple hours away so I had no transportation. It looks like it was great, hopefuly there will be another close one I can attend

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