Enchanted Polish – Water for Unicorns and Hot Chocolate for Unicorns

I count myself lucky that I am one of the Enchanted Polish hoarders with a Water for Unicorns in my collection… although I admit, it took me quite some time to warm up to this shade! I kept it around for fear that if I did swap it, I would regret it and not be able to acquire it again! Well, I’m glad I kept it because Enchanted Polish recently released a sister to this beauty, called Hot Chocolate for Unicorns. Both unicorn polishes are creamy and opaque with a beautiful splash of holo  throughout.


I knew these sisters were just begging to be worn together, so I immediately grabbed Water for Unicorns when HCfU arrived. I’m no nail-art pro, but I love me a good accent nail – and I can use nail vinyls like nobody’s business!! These cute kitties are from Eat. Sleep. Polish.

This is 2 coats of each polish with topcoat.



enchanted-polish-water-for-unicorns-hot-chocolate-for-unicornsDo you have either of these polishes? Leave me a link below showing off how you wore them! Check out Enchanted Polish on Instagram, Facebook, or her shop. Enchanted Polish is also sometimes available on Nail Polish Canada, Mei Mei’s Signatures, and Pshiiit.
Happy Monday!


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