Marc Jacobs Beauty – Highliner Gel Eye Crayon – Intro(vert)

Earlier this year, Sephora had a mini Marc Jacobs Beauty Highliner Gel Eye Crayon (phew) in (Brown)Out as a 100 point perk. Of course, I quickly snatched it up in order to try out the high end brand without the high end price tag. I have enjoyed the mini pencil, so when I stumbled across Intro(vert) tonight at Marshall’s, I quickly consulted with a friend about the colour and happily skipped out of the store with my purchase.


Okay, I didn’t actually skip out, but I was pleased with myself.

The pencils come in a silver metal crayon, and are twist-up eyeliners. The formula is smooth and creamy, although this one has shimmer which changes the texture slightly. They also last all day on me, which is a must for an eyeliner! Nobody wants to go to work looking great, and come home looking like a sad raccoon.

marc-jacobs-highliner-gel-eye-crayon-introvert marc-jacobs-highliner-gel-eye-crayon-introvert marc-jacobs-highliner-gel-eye-crayon-introvert

After swatching on my arm, it didn’t budge at all… even when I rubbed my finger over the swatch repeatedly. The staying power is really important to me, as eyeliner tends to migrate on the inner corners of my eyes.

Rebecca (the friend I consulted) suggested wearing it on my waterline with a navy liner on top… well, wouldn’t you know that I was already wearing a navy-ish liner today! I did a quick application to show you how it looks on the eye.


Availability: Sephora, $30

If my 9300 other black eyeliners ever run out, I would definitely grab this in black for my daily liner. You can see above that the liner I had on wore off a bit on the inner corner. Do you have any Marc Jacobs liners? What colour would you grab?


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