Julep – Ariana

Admittedly, I’ve been on quite the Enchanted Polish/Eat Sleep Polish binge around here. It’s just that I’ve accumulated quite a few new polishes from both brands in the past few months, and they are so pretty that it’s hard not to reach for them when doing a new mani. Although my other polishes have been put aside for a bit, they aren’t forgotten or unloved. So let’s visit one of them today.

This is Julep’s Ariana, a Classic with a Twist colour that Julep describes as an “enchanted berry iridescent chrome.” I’m not sure about the iridescent part, but I’ll go along with berry chrome. It does have a bit of shimmer to it, but I can’t say I found it to be very iridescent. This is two coats with topcoat.



Obviously, this mani was before I changed my nail shape! I have to say, I’m very happy with my new almond-shaped nails! Ariana was a pretty colour, but I bet it would look more awesome on my new ‘claws’ (as the bf says).

Ariana is out of stock right now, but you never know when it may come back. Check on Julep’s page here. It’s $14, or $11.20 if you’re a Maven. Happy Tuesday!


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