Wednesday Wants

Oh, my wishlist of items is just growing too long. Any of you in the same boat as I am? I wish I could blame the huge array of Holiday collections that are bombarding us right now, but who am I kidding? My wishlist is always three miles long.

Here’s what I lusting after right now:


Too Faced Pretty Rebel Palette, $49


Yes, yes. I know I’m, way way late to this party. This was released last year but I never ending up grabbing it. It’s now living in the sale section of Sephora (although only $5 off), where I know it will soon be gone for good. I’m still debating about getting it though. It is gorgeous, but so are some of this year’s palettes! The colours Girly and Instigator really stand out for me, and the packaging is just beautiful.

Bite Beauty Best Bite Remix, $29


This is the remix, because Bite did a similar tin last year with 4 of their High Pigment lip pencils. This year’s shade offerings are: Sablé (nude), Pomegranate (rose berry), Rhubard (plum rose), Winterberry (festive Raspberry red).
It does have a repeat colour from last year (Rhubarb), so lucky for me that I didn’t get last year’s version. I have one or two of these already and really enjoy them!

And finally (for now),

Marc Jacobs Twinkle Pop Eye Stick, $35 (I’d be happy with Three Shakes or Leila).


Okay, I didn’t even know these things existed until earlier this week when my friend Rebecca and I popped into Sephora for a browse. We were both intrigued by the beautifully creamy shadow sticks before us! The colour and pigmentation on these were great… but I really want to test for wear time and creasing. I am definitely interested in trying them out, but we all know how finicky cream shadows can be.

That’s it for now… what’s on your wishlist currently?


4 thoughts on “Wednesday Wants

  1. I placed my order using the 20% off code and managed to resist the allure of the Marc Jacobs Pop eye Stick. I’m not sure I’ll be able to resist again when the VIB codes are issued. 😛

  2. i just love that pretty rebel palette, i bought mine recently but it was so worth it, i love it a lot more than this year’s too faced. i just reviewed it 🙂

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