Michael Kors – Femme Fatale

On another wander around Winners (like Marshall’s) I stumbled upon a big pile of Michael Kors polishes! Giddy as a school girl, I started digging through checking all the colours. There were a few safe, traditional mani shades, but also a few real stunners. I chose two to take home, and this is the first one called Femme Fatale.

Femme Fatale is a deep navy blue, with a hidden blue shimmer that lights up from within the polish. In the shade it looks dark, almost black, but in the sun you see the shimmer come out and play. It’s so gorgeous.


This is two creamy coats. Although it dried very shiny, I did use a topcoat over it for two reasons; to extend the wear of the polish and to have it dry faster. It took a long time to dry! The only downfall.


I was happy to see the bottle was designed to have the gold square cap lift off to reveal an easy to hold inner cap. Good planning, Michael!


See the blue shimmer? I know it’s harder to notice on my nails, but in pictures it was a bit hard to capture.

Michael Kors polishes are available on his website for $18USD or The Bay for $20CAD. Both sites show the polish as a much brighter blue than it truly is! It’s a beautiful, dark, shiny navy!

I grabbed mine at Winners for $14.99 (Canadian) so be on the lookout at your local Winners and Marshall’s. Have you found any good scores at Winners lately?


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