Julep – Phoebe

I have been putting more effort into trying some of my untrieds from brands aside from my usual. It’s so easy to overlook polishes when you have a stockpile of gorgeous holos staring at you, but that means overlooking gems like this! Julep’s Phoebe is delightful in the bottle but I was nervous it would be sheer when I used it, as sometimes shimmery teals tend to be very sheer.


I was happy to find that after only 2 coats Phoebe was fully opaque. I used a topcoat here as well. Julep describes Phoebe as “vibrant jungle metallic”. I’m not sure I would call it jungle, or metallic. It reminds me of a mermaid and although it’s very shimmery, it’s not exactly metallic. I’d call it’s a vibrant mermaid shimmer. Judge for yourself!


Phoebe is available on Julep’s site for $14, or $11.20 if you’re a Maven. Do you own this one? How would you describe it?


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