Wednesday Wants

This week my list is small… I’m trying to be reasonable knowing that Black Friday and Boxing Day sales will be just around the corner, and often Sephora has special sets and items just for those days.

First on my list is something I want… and also don’t want. MAC’s Holiday 2014 Keepsakes Plum Eye Bag.


The bag comes with a glittery makeup case, an eyeshadow duo of the Extra Dimension eyeshadows in Triple Impact and Round Midnight, Extreme Dimension Lash mascara, and Powerpoint Eye Liner in Permaplum. I am absolutely in love with these shadows. I cannot say enough about how gorgeous they are. My issue is that I wish they were sold separately. I don’t need another makeup bag or mascara, and the eyeliner is kind of dry and patchy when I swatched it in the store. I would really love to buy it separately. In fact, if they were separate, I’d pick up the other 2 duos that are offered too! As it is, I will probably skip but don’t hold me to it…

Available from MAC counters, stores, and online for $47.50.

Secondly, a palette I’ve added to my Sephora VIB sale shopping list. This is Kat Von D’s Monarch palette. It’s not new, but I’ve been playing around with my Chrysalis palette a lot lately and would really love to have the pair.


Yes, I know you’re thinking it’s another neutral palette… and I know the market is saturated with them right now, but I love this one for the rich tones and the mix of mattes and shimmers. It has a large mirror inside and the shadows are a really generous size.

The Monarch palette is available from Sephora for $58 (although in my store the sign said $55)!

Do you have either of these? What are your thoughts on the MAC bag? Would you grab it even if you weren’t loving all the pieces?

I should add that I don’t buy everything in my Wednesday Wants – it’s not in my budget! By ‘be reasonable’ I hope keeping my wishlist smaller, I’ll focus on only the things I truly want! 


2 thoughts on “Wednesday Wants

    • Heehe! I really want the Vice 3 but I am hoping (hoping, hoping, hoping) that SDM gets it in and I can redeem points for it! If not, I may have to go for the Vice 3 over the Monarch palette tonight since Vice is LE.

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