Bite Beauty – Best Bite Remix set

Well, I had this on my wishlist recently and the Sephora 20% off sale was just the push I needed to go ahead and grab this set. The Bite Beauty Best Bite Remix set contains 4 mini sized High Pigment lip pencils. There are two shades that are available in full size, Pomegranate and Rhubarb, and two new shades, Winterberry and Sable.

Best Bite Remix

Best Bite Remix Best Bite Remix Best Bite Remix

Each pencil is 0.05oz, making them just over half-sized when compared to the full size 0.09oz. The set comes in a cute red tin, with a full sized mirror inside. The outside of the tin is slightly rubberized and looks really sleek. It’s handy for storing them together, or for holding other odds and ends in your bag.

Best Bite Remix Best Bite Remix

Pomegranate, Sable, Rhubarb, Winterberry

The pencils are really creamy and apply easy. They are highly pigmented (like the name says – duh!) and even the nude Sable had no problem covering my lips evenly. They have a satin finish so they feel smooth and comfortable to wear. I didn’t have any issues with bleeding or feathering, and they wore evenly for several hours. I really appreciate that they are a twist-up pencil! That way you aren’t wasting any product by sharpening. Yes, the point will wear down, but you can work it into a point by applying with all sides evenly.

Bite Beauty Sable

Sable is described as nude. I find on me it has a bit of a pink hint, which makes it much more wearable than a straight neutral lipstick. This is really nice to see in a holiday set! It’s like the palette cleanser we all need between all the vampy and red lips!

Bite Beauty Rhubarb

Rhubarb is described as plum rose. Sorry Bite… but plum? I’d still file this under neutral-pink. I could even say neutral-rose, but not plum. Regardless, I really love and it has been living in my purse because it’s a great colour to wear anywhere, and with anything.

Bite Beauty Winterberry

Winterberry is described as a rose berry, and I can agree with that. It’s a little more vibrant than I was able to capture but it’s a really pretty berry shade. Great for fall and winter with all the holiday events coming up!

bite pomegranate 2

Finally, Pomegranate, which is described as a ‘festive Raspberry red’. I say this falls squarely into the ‘classic red’ category and is well-suited for a holiday lip set!

As for my favourite… please don’t make me choose! They’re all so gorgeous. What about you? Which shade are you loving?


8 thoughts on “Bite Beauty – Best Bite Remix set

  1. i like the neutral shades more.. was hoping winterberry was more berry purple than berry pink though..
    i bought it too.. will have to try soon 🙂

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