Sephora Formula X – X ♥ Rouge

This polish both delights and horrifies me. The fact that I have X ♥ Rouge means I have achieved Rouge status at Sephora… which is nice, since there are a few perks that come along with that, but simultaneously horrifies me when I realize I reached Rouge in July and how much money does that mean I spent at Sephora. Yikes!

Nevermind, we’re better off not going down that road! Anyhow, this bright red polish was a gift to Sephora Beauty Insiders when they reached Rouge level this year… it may only be if you were Rouge last year, since I’ve seen some people reaching Rouge for the first time this year getting the Bite lippie! I digress… let’s check it out!

X ♥ Rouge

It arrives in a cute box that opens to reveal the polish. I like the bottle, and happily, the top pops off to reveal an easy to hold top for painting. Excellent.

X ♥ Rouge

I used two coats, although it’s very nearly a one-coater. I did top it off with topcoat to help dry it faster! I liked the formula on this too. Although I haven’t personally tried any other Formula X polishes, I’ve always heard great things.

X ♥ Rouge X ♥ Rouge

It’s a pretty bright, true red… I got a few compliments while wearing it today and I agree that it does look pretty festive. However, on my long nails I couldn’t help but feeling my nails looked nearly plastic! Oh well. What do you think? Do you have this beauty in your collection?


3 thoughts on “Sephora Formula X – X ♥ Rouge

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