Wednesday Wants!

My wishlist this week is short! Does that mean I’m getting better at whittling my list down… or I’ve just been buying too much. Let’s not discuss any further.

This week, I’m after some good skin care. My real life as a teacher means yard duty in the frigid school yard, and it’s horrible for my skin! My normally oily skin doesn’t know how to react to the drying winds and it’s freaking out! Since I’ve tried (and loved) Boscia’s Luminizing Black Mask before so now I’m thinking an awesome moisturizer from Boscia would be just what I need. Enter Revitalizing Black Hydration Gel!

Boscia gel

Sephora says “This hydrating gel refines skin texture and brightens and clarifies the complexion while minimizing the look of pores, both instantly and over time.” Clarified complexion and minimized pores? Yes, yes, and yes. Sign me up!

Next, a non-beauty item… but it’s super pretty and cute, and what beauty lover isn’t also a lover of other adorable things as well? This Starbucks mug is just what I need to convince me to lug my coffee to work every morning instead of stopping to grab a latte. Those lattes sure do add up over the week, so a week free of lattes means I’m justified in treating myself to this! They have a bunch of other designs that I also love… but these hards and the gold details just look so cute and feminine, I know my boyfriend won’t be ‘borrowing’ my mug in the mornings!

Starbucks Traveler

So that’s it for my wishlist this week… but the thing is – I’ll likely be picking both of these up! If not the Boscia gel, then definitely some kind of good face moisturizer to help combat the cold this winter! What’s on your list this week?


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