Eat. Sleep. Polish. – Sucker Punch

I’m sure we’ll all getting excited (and equally nervous for our wallets) for Black Friday! I know I’ve been on the lookout for upcoming sales and discounts being offered by various brands. Of course, that leads to searching for what was offered last year, so I thought’d I break out one of the previous sales! This is one of the two polishes that Eat. Sleep. Polish. offered last year for Black Friday, called Sucker Punch.

Eat Sleep Polish - Sucker Punch || Oh My Swatch

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Eat. Sleep. Polish. Letters From a Porcupine Collection Roundup

With today’s post, that rounds out the 6 polishes from the Letters From a Porcupine colletion by Eat. Sleep. Polish. Let’s go back and revisit them all!

Letters From a Porcupine collection

From L-R: 2×4, Change, Mouthful of Cavities (on top), No Rain (lying down), Toes Across the Floor, Soul One. 

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Eat. Sleep. Polish. – Letters From A Porcupine Collection – Mouthful of Cavities

Finally, the last instalment of the Letters From a Porcupine collection by Eat. Sleep. Polish. I must admit, I took too long to get all these pictures posted up on the blog. I blame Cat, really, because she distracted me with so many other pretty polishes recently that I just couldn’t focus. This is Mouthful of Cavities, which I actually wore alongside Toes Across the Floor but I wanted it to have it’s own post where I was wearing it on all my nails. So… voila.

Eat Sleep Polish - Mouthful of Cavities || Oh My Swatch

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Halloween Mani!

I admit it can intimidating to do theme manicures for me because all around the nail world are bloggers and non-bloggers alike who are so talented with stamping, nail art, and free-hand painting! I, however, am not one of those people. I’ve tried my hand at stamping a few times and failed miserably at water-marbling…. but I still like to rock a fun themed mani from time to time.

I gathered up a few Halloween-inspired polishes and a sheet of nail vinyls and set to work.


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Eat. Sleep. Polish. Letters From a Porcupine Collection – No Rain

When Eat. Sleep. Polish. released the Letters From a Porcupine collection, I admit I was a bit reluctant to purchase both blues that were offered. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love blue polish but I always find myself reaching for something else to wear on my nails. But, trusting Cat and her genius, I added both to my cart and awaited their delivery.

No Rain is the brighter blue in the collection, a pretty linear holo.


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Eat. Sleep. Polish. Letters From A Porcupine Collection – 2×4

Oops! I thought I had posted these, but apparently I was wrong! That happens once or twice a year (me being wrong). Okay, it happens way more often, but I figured you would  notice my shorter, square nails in these pictures!

2×4 from Eat. Sleep. Polish. is really a beautiful polish for this time of year. A creamy, delicious brown holo. I really like the undertone of this one… not too red/orange of a brown, so I think it will be flattering on all skintones!


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Eat.Sleep.Polish. – Rusty Spoons & Salad Fingers

I wanted to get these up since they are limited edition and won’t be around forever. Plus, they are just perfect for this time of year. Between Halloween and Autumn inspired manis, my oranges have been getting a real workout lately! Eat. Sleep. Polish. doesn’t disappoint with delivering a gorgeous orange for us to enjoy. Rusty Spoons is an orange holo with a bit of an orange sheen, and Salad Fingers is a coordinating glitter topper with copper, sandy, caramel, matte peach, fuchsia, red and cranberry glitters of all shapes and sizes!” It sounds like a lot, but it works. eat-sleep-polish-salad-fingers-rusty-spoons

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