I Love Nail Polish – Rehab

Quickie post today – I’m about to head to bed and try, try to have a good night’s rest! C’mon Friday, we’re rooting for you!

This is I Love Nail Polish’s Rehab – a beautiful teal holo with micro blue shimmer. It was released in the summer, but last time I checked it was still available on ILNP’s website.


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I Love Nail Polish – Black Orchid

When I Love Nail Polish launched their Fall collection, I had a really hard time narrowing my choices down. Eventually, I settled on two colours – Iconic, a gold holo, and Black Orchid, which I have for you today. I’m a little late to the party, but the polishes are still available… and still gorgeous!


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I Love Nail Polish – Bottle Service

You may already know that around here, gold/nude holos are a favourite… so when I saw Bottle Service was being discontinued by I Love Nail Polish, I had to jump on it. Bottle Service is a champagne/silver holo, so it’s slightly different than my normal gold/nude, but it’s still within the range of absolutely gorgeous!

I love nail polish ilnp bottle service

I love the champagne sheen when the light hits your nails, and the holo really sparkles in the sun. There’s just something about a neutral nail that just does it for me…. (the other kind is a vampy nail, but I digress). This is 2 coats of Bottle Service with top coat.

I love nail polish ilnp bottle service

And, as if Bottle Service isn’t luxurious enough, why not add some diamonds to your life!? I used a nail vinyl from Eat Sleep Polish to spice it up. I wore it on my ring finger obviously, but you could play it up any way you like. While they are super easy to apply, the thin lines of the diamond make it delicate, so be patient and work with care… not like I did, which ended with the first diamond being removed from my nail in frustration. My second application, I tried to be more zen and it worked out much better. 

I love nail polish ilnp bottle service

Find I Love Nail Polish here (sadly, no more Bottle Service, but there is a beauty coming out for Fall called Iconic that you might want to check out)… and the vinyls from Eat Sleep Polish over here. And I must know, what kind of nail colour just does it for you!?

I Love Nail Polish – Pt 78

Today I chose to wear a grey polish in support of World Elephant Day.  Not being one gifted in nail art, I decided to go with a polish inspired by their amazing, wrinkly skin. Sadly, Elephants are still hunted for their ivory and these beautiful, majestic creatures need our help. You can find out more information on 96 Elephants and then Go Grey to show your support too.

I chose I Love Nail Polish’s Pt 78, a steely-charcoal grey with a smidge of holo within it. Pt is the symbol for platinum (and 78 is it’s number on the Table of Elements) so it’s a fitting name. I used two coats with topcoat. I found the formula really easy to work with, and the topcoat really added the extra shine.





Isn’t it gorgeous? Will you Go Grey today and show support for the elephants around the world? Again, you can sign a pledge at 96 Elephants, donate, or just spread the word using the #GoGrey hashtag! Happy Tuesday!

I Love Nail Polish – Indie Go

I’m always sad when polish brands discontinue their older polishes. I mean, I get it. I know they can’t stock infinite numbers of polishes in infinite colours, but it’s always hard to fall in love with a polish and not be able to get it easily… And sometimes I feel bad for sharing discontinued polishes with people because they might want to get them too. So, I’m sure you can see where I’m going with this…

Indie Go has been discontinued, but I was lucky enough to get it in a swap! I was pumped because I knew it wasn’t being made by I Love Nail Polish anymore, so I thought I had missed my chance.

Indie Go is a rich indigo (didn’t see that coming, did ya!) holo, with blue shimmer and a slight duochrome effect… in short, it’s purdy. This is 2 coats with topcoat. The formula was excellent as I’ve come to expect from ILNP!




Here, you can really see the blue shimmer in the bottle. You can also see it on the nail which is awesome.

ilnp-i-love-nail-polish-indie-go-swatchSee the colour shifting to purple around the edges? So pretty! How do you feel when polishes are discontinued? Do you stockpile, or let them go? Happy Wednesday!

I Love Nail Polish – Bikini Bottoms

When I saw the previews for ILNP’s summer collection I knew I had to have Bikini Bottoms. Bright fuschia holo? Sign me up! The collection didn’t have a bikini top though… so maybe we are at a European beach wearing this. 😉 Meeeeow.

I used 2 coats of Bikini Bottoms with topcoat. The formula was nice.



Pow-pow! The holo really blings out on this one… but in the shade, you can see the hidden flecks.



Love it! Did you grab any ILNP at the summer launch? I got 2 others (1 from the summer collection and 1 older one).

And don’t forget to enter my giveaway to win a prize pack from Eat Sleep Polish!

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Enchanted Polish – To Die For

Following yesterday’s minty holo post, I thought it’d be a good time to post these pictures I took a while ago but never actually put up!

This is I Love Nail Polish’s Music Box, with one coat of Enchanted Polish’s To Die For on top. To Die For is a glitter topcoat, with lots of blue and holo glitter. The base is also slightly tinted, as you can tell it changed how Music Box looks underneath it. Check the swatch of Music Box alone here.

ImageIt took me a long time to find a combination I liked for To Die For! I feel like I’ve swatched it over a million polishes (actual number may vary).

ImageImageSee how it darkens and almost greys out Music Box a little? Plus the sparkle!!! I’m glad I grabbed this one and kept it around! Happy Polishing!