Lilypad Lacquer – Diamond in the Rough

It’s no secret I love nude-gold holos, especially packed with shimmer, flakies, or just magic. Check out ILNP’s Bottle Service, Girly Bits’ Giggity Giggity Goo, Colors by Llarowe’s Tequila IV or my custom from Eat Sleep Polish called Elvis is My Homeboy!  The best part is that those are just a portion of the nude-gold holos I have! But, nevermind! There’s always room for more, so when a lovely lady was selling Lilypad Lacquer’s Diamond in the Rough I decided I needed to have that one too.

And I am glad I made that decision! It’s gorgeous!

Lilypad Lacquer - Diamond in the Rough || Oh My Swatch

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Lilypad Lacquer – Ruby Slippers

This is another polish that has been sitting sadly in my untrieds pile for quite some time. Okay, I don’t actually have a pile of untrieds… they are actually neatly sorted amongst the rest of my polishes. It’s more of a mental pile. But, I digress… this beauty wasn’t getting any love, and every time I had the intention to pull it out and use it, another polish order would show up and get in the way. Who knew polishes could be so rude to each other?! Lilypad Lacquer’s Ruby Slippers was a patient lady, so I finally pulled her out over the weekend to give her a chance to shine.

Lilypad Lacquer - Ruby Slippers || Oh My Swatch

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Lilypad Lacquer – Emerald City

Has it really been nearly two weeks since I last posted? Time has really flown by for me… the start of school is just so busy with every! The past week, I’ve been going crazy trying to get my program up and running, all the technology in my class connected, and learning the names of all my students (and the staff at my new school)! So naturally, the blog has taken a back seat for the time being… but I finally feel like I can breathe (just for a second though).

Lilypad Lacquer’s Emerald City is a polish I recently picked up from a sale on llarowe. It was only about $6! Awesome. It’s a gorgeous deep green with lots of blingy holo. I’m not sure I would call it emerald though. Generally, I think of emerald being brighter green. However, the formula was perfect, and this is 2 coats with topcoat.

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Lilypad Lacquer – I Just Think It’s Pink

The second Lilypad Lacquer I grabbed from Nail Polish Canada was this gem, I Just Think It’s Pink. When it first arrived, I of course made the mistake of judging it in my poorly-lit living room. I thought it was just another bubble gum pink holo polish (although, who can be mad at bubble gum pink holo?! Certainly not me). Well, it’s much more complex and unique and pretty than I originally thought!

Two coats with topcoat. The formula was great on this one as well. In Canada, you can get LPL on Nail Polish Canada’s website, where they retail for $15.25.




Do you see those flakies?! DO YOU SEE THEM!? Beauties. Beaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaauties. I’m sad that this is the end of my Lilypad Lacquer collection! But I have a few comparison/dupe posts coming up featuring some other indie brands I’m loving, so hopefully that will take my mind off the lack of LPL! Happy polishing!


Lilypad Lacquers – Vixens Wear Violet

Recently, Nail Polish Canada announced that they would be carrying Lilypad Lacquers. I decided it would be a good time to try out a few, since the price was reasonable and shipping was free. I was searching online, but had such a hard time finding swatches of a lot of the colours! Lilypad Lacquers is from Australia, so I’m happy there is now a Canadian outlet to get them at.

I decided to try for a pink and a purple (of course), so that even if I wasn’t completely blown away by the polishes I’d be happy having pink and purple. When I first opened the box they looked okay. I let them sit on my table for the whole afternoon before finally swatching a finger in each colour that evening. They looked, okay. Until I decided to shine a little flashlight on them, and WOW, they are gorgeous! In fact, I’m disappointed in myself that I only got two!

Today, let’s take a look at the purple – Vixens Wear Violet. I guess that makes me a vixen now, right? Perfect.

This is two coats plus topcoat. The formula is really great too. It’s super holo purpley goodness, packed with little microflakies that you can see when you’re not in direct sunlight. Lots of pictures to show it off!






ImageSo pretty! What are some must have Lilypads I need to add to my collection?