Eat. Sleep. Polish. Letters From a Porcupine Collection Roundup

With today’s post, that rounds out the 6 polishes from the Letters From a Porcupine colletion by Eat. Sleep. Polish. Let’s go back and revisit them all!

Letters From a Porcupine collection

From L-R: 2×4, Change, Mouthful of Cavities (on top), No Rain (lying down), Toes Across the Floor, Soul One. 

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Eat. Sleep. Polish. Letters From A Porcupine Collection – 2×4

Oops! I thought I had posted these, but apparently I was wrong! That happens once or twice a year (me being wrong). Okay, it happens way more often, but I figured you would  notice my shorter, square nails in these pictures!

2×4 from Eat. Sleep. Polish. is really a beautiful polish for this time of year. A creamy, delicious brown holo. I really like the undertone of this one… not too red/orange of a brown, so I think it will be flattering on all skintones!


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Enchanted Polish – Water for Unicorns and Hot Chocolate for Unicorns

I count myself lucky that I am one of the Enchanted Polish hoarders with a Water for Unicorns in my collection… although I admit, it took me quite some time to warm up to this shade! I kept it around for fear that if I did swap it, I would regret it and not be able to acquire it again! Well, I’m glad I kept it because Enchanted Polish recently released a sister to this beauty, called Hot Chocolate for Unicorns. Both unicorn polishes are creamy and opaque with a beautiful splash of holo  throughout.


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Eat Sleep Polish – April Showers Bring May Flowers

Imagine my excitement when I heard that Eat Sleep Polish had chosen me to receive samples to swatch and test out prior to the release of the collection! I was so pumped with this minis showed up in my mailbox, I had to get to business right away. 

April Showers Bring May Flowers is the Spring collection from Eat Sleep Polish, launching TOMORROW. Check out these polishes on her website, here, plus a lot of other pretties she has in other collections. 

Cat was inspired by the Ontario Spring we have – and I totally get it, coming from Toronto her inspiration speaks to me. I grabbed Cat’s descriptions of each colour to help explain her inspirations. 

First up, is Endless Sky. 

  • A shimmery blue with a delicate violet undertone and a splash of scattered holo,  2-3 coats recommended. What would an ending winter be without a beautiful blue cloud free sky? This polish helps us to embrace the days to come where the sky is pure and endless.



To me, this is a great palette cleanser from all the dark polishes we’ve been wearing all winter! And look at the shimmer. I used 3 coats plus topcoat. No issues with the formula at all. The holo wasn’t too noticeable to me, but the shimmer and blue flash was very pretty. 

Next is Perfect Storm. 

  • A shimmery olive toned polish with a splash of scattered holo as well. 2-3 coats recommended. Spring is not spring without storms, and as the saying goes April Showers, Bring May Flowers 😉 This polish represents the calmness and serenity that even a storm can bring.



This is almost a foil polish. Again, 3 coats and topcoat. The holo in this one was also subtle, and the formula was really easy to work with. I’m glad I have Cat’s description, because this polish is unusual and I was having a hard time figuring out how to describe it. Very pretty and unexpected for Spring. 

The third polish in the collection is Grasshoppa. 

  • A light and airy green jelly filled with micro flakes, shimmer, pink & white glitter of various shapes and sizes. This is semi-sheer but can be layered, or worn over a base in a similar colour. Topcoat recommended to achieve a smooth finish. The inspiration behind this polish is itty bitty baby grasshoppers that start showing up in the fresh baby grass.





This one is so pretty, and different! The green is a very refreshing shade, and there is lots of gold microflakes that add a pretty sheen to it. All the different glitters and holo make it complex, but it’s not over the top at all. I used 3 coats, and topcoat to even out the glitter. This formula was a bit thicker than the others, but that’s to be expected with a polish so packed with glitters and shimmers. 

Finally, my 2 favourites in the collection. I can’t decide which I like better, so let’s just go alphabetically. 

Raspberry Mud Pie

  • A cocoa coloured polish filled within beautiful raspberry shimmer, that truly glows from within. 2-3 coats recommended. This polish was actually named by a the wonderful blogger Courtney over at . The name is perfect as this is exactly how I envision this polish! Lets face it spring is muddy. However with soil and dirt come plants & flowers. There is always good to be found if you look hard enough 😉





Well… brown! Who would have thought a brown polish would be a favourite in a collection. But to me, it looks chocolatey and delicious. I used 3 coats and topcoat on this beauty. The raspberry shimmer and holo make this a different brown than I’ve ever seen! Gorgeous. 

Finally, Sidewalk Strider. 

  • A funky cement looking polish. 2-3 coats recommended. This grey based polish is jam packed with black, white, pink & glitter and scattered with tiny blue sparkles. A delicate amount of holographic particles make this a unique and fun polish to wear. The inspiration behind this polish is going for walks in the early days of spring, where bits and pieces of winter ‘junk’ can be seen hiding in the melting snow.





This one has a similar feel to Grasshoppa, with added black glitters and a cement-coloured base. I love this one. I showed it to my boyfriend and he said it reminds him of snakeskin… Like Grasshoppa, this one is a little thicker because of all the glitter, but still easily workable. 3 coats with topcoat to even out the texture. 

Overall, I think this is a very creative Spring collection – not the typical one you expect to find. I love reading about the inspiration and I can’t wait to use these again. Remember, they go on sale tomorrow (March 15) and you can find them here, once they are released. 

Revlon Parfumerie – Autumn Spice

Revlon used to have a line of scented polishes, which I loved! Remember Not So Blueberry, or Raspberry Rapture? I had a whole bunch of the fruity scented ones. Pretty polishes with yummy scents! Now they’ve released a new line called the Parfumerie. These come in a bottle with a little round cap. Personally, I found the round caps to be annoying to use… it was difficult to hold them comfortably while painting my nails.

The polish itself is lovely. A deep brown, which sparkles that flash red/orange. Definitely an autumn-esque colour. It reminds me of the beautiful colours you see on the leaves during the fall! Gorgeous.

As for the scent, I found it to be very yummy. For me, it only lasted a day or two before fading. I’m horrible at describing scents, but I’ve heard it described as a cinnamon, amber scent. To me, it smells like fall!

This is two coats, with no topcoat this time because I didn’t want to hide the scent.




See how the sparkles change? So fire-y and fall-like! I’m in love.

OPI – What Wizardry Is This

What Wizardry, indeed? 

This is one of OPI’s Liquid Sand textured polishes. The wear time on these are really great. No basecoat or topcoat required, and they dry quickly! Great for a long-lasting mani. WWIT is a dark brown colour, with golden sparkles. Because the polish is matte, the sparkles look very cool… but very hard to capture in photos! 



And in artificial light to show the sparkles a bit better.


I now have 2 full-sized liquid sand polishes (this and Pussy Galore) and the minis from the Mariah Carey collection – so I think I might be set…. but They keep coming out with some seriously pretty colours!!! And I love that you can transform it with a few coats of topcoat!