Indie Polish – Oh Olaf!

The last of the polishes from Indie Polish that I have to share with you is Oh Olaf, another great glitter topper inspired by Frozen. I really love this one’s mix of lighter blue, silver, and holo glitter. It really looks like an icy polish that is perfect for having frosty tips!

Indie Polish || Oh My Swatch

Oh Olaf – third from right

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Indie Polish – Frozen

The last two polishes from Indie Polish are coming up… and they both glitter toppers inspired by the huge hit movie Frozen. Having taught Kindergarten last year, the movie and everything about it was drummed into my head more times than I can count. (Really, that’s just what I tell people. I loooove the movie!!) 

Today, I have the glitter topper which is the movie’s namesake – Frozen. The fun topper reminds more of Anna, with it’s mix of grey, green, purple, and blue glitters.

Indie Polish || Oh My Swatch

Frozen – centre

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Indie Polish – Sandals in the Snow

Yesterday, I shared with you my first Indie Polish – a gold, glitter topper that’s perfectly festive for the holiday season. Today, I have Sandals in the Snow, which I think is the perfect name for it! This polish is bright and cheery with a mix of neon glitters throughout that make your nails feel rather out of season at this time of year. That’s why I love it! Don’t get me wrong, I love my glittery, vampy nails this time of year… but sometimes even our nails need a vacation!

Indie Polish || Oh My Swatch

Can you guess which one it is?

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Indie Polish – Retro Christmas Tree

I haven’t tried Indie Polish before, but I know some people who are huge fans and always urged me to grab a few. Unfortunately, the polish budget isn’t an endless one (as much as I keep wishing), so even though Indie Polish was on my radar… it wasn’t on my nails. Until now!

Indie Polish || Oh My SwatchTanya (the maker behind Indie Polish) sent me a package with some of her new polishes to test out, so I’m lucky enough to share these with you today! When the package arrived, I was wearing a red polish (X ♥ Rouge) so I immediately reached for the gold glitter topcoat.

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Holographic Glitter Topcoats… the Showdown!

I like shiny things, especially if they sparkle like a rainbow under the sun. So it’s no surprise that I have a huge love for holographic glitter topcoats! I bust these out when I’m feeling like my polish is a little too plain. Sometimes, if I don’t have time for a full mani, I just layer one of these over whatever I’m already wearing and get a few more days out of it before I need to change my polish. I love that they are so versatile. You can layer them over any colour and let the base poke through, wear it as an accent layer, or with some of them you can layer them to rainbow-blinding opacity all on their own!

Holographic Glitter topcoats || Oh My Swatch

From Left to Right: OPI Which is Witch?, OPI Snowflakes in the Air, Barry M Diamond Glitter, Claire’s Hollywood, Hard Candy Celebrate Sequins

I rounded up five from my collection (there are a few more) and decided to put them to the test. These are only the pure-holo-glitter polishes. I do have lots of others with other types of glitter mixed in!

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