Lilypad Lacquer – Diamond in the Rough

It’s no secret I love nude-gold holos, especially packed with shimmer, flakies, or just magic. Check out ILNP’s Bottle Service, Girly Bits’ Giggity Giggity Goo, Colors by Llarowe’s Tequila IV or my custom from Eat Sleep Polish called Elvis is My Homeboy!  The best part is that those are just a portion of the nude-gold holos I have! But, nevermind! There’s always room for more, so when a lovely lady was selling Lilypad Lacquer’s Diamond in the Rough I decided I needed to have that one too.

And I am glad I made that decision! It’s gorgeous!

Lilypad Lacquer - Diamond in the Rough || Oh My Swatch

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Enchanted Polish – All Love Garden

I’ve had this All Love Garden in my stash for just a little while, but it felt like such a special polish I wanted to wait until a good time to wear it! Finally, I got tired of waiting and just busted it out to wear to work and help me have a little sparkle. Sadly, it was cloudy and overcast the whole time I wore it.

Enchanted Polish - All  Love Garden || Oh My Swatch

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Holographic Glitter Topcoats… the Showdown!

I like shiny things, especially if they sparkle like a rainbow under the sun. So it’s no surprise that I have a huge love for holographic glitter topcoats! I bust these out when I’m feeling like my polish is a little too plain. Sometimes, if I don’t have time for a full mani, I just layer one of these over whatever I’m already wearing and get a few more days out of it before I need to change my polish. I love that they are so versatile. You can layer them over any colour and let the base poke through, wear it as an accent layer, or with some of them you can layer them to rainbow-blinding opacity all on their own!

Holographic Glitter topcoats || Oh My Swatch

From Left to Right: OPI Which is Witch?, OPI Snowflakes in the Air, Barry M Diamond Glitter, Claire’s Hollywood, Hard Candy Celebrate Sequins

I rounded up five from my collection (there are a few more) and decided to put them to the test. These are only the pure-holo-glitter polishes. I do have lots of others with other types of glitter mixed in!

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Eat. Sleep. Polish. – Sucker Punch

I’m sure we’ll all getting excited (and equally nervous for our wallets) for Black Friday! I know I’ve been on the lookout for upcoming sales and discounts being offered by various brands. Of course, that leads to searching for what was offered last year, so I thought’d I break out one of the previous sales! This is one of the two polishes that Eat. Sleep. Polish. offered last year for Black Friday, called Sucker Punch.

Eat Sleep Polish - Sucker Punch || Oh My Swatch

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