Enchanted Polish – July 2014

I’ve talked before about Enchanted Polish doing a year of monthly mystery polishes, but just in case you are living under an Enchanted rock, I’ll catch you up…. (wouldn’t an Enchanted rock be cool?). Ahem. Each month EP is creating a polish of the month. They are available by presale (yay!) but they are mysteries… meaning, you won’t know the colour, finish, etc. of the polish until it shows up at your house, or you see spoilers online! So far, she’s been bunching them together a few months at a time, which is really nice for saving on shipping for us outside of the States.

I opted to only get July 2014, as it’s my birthday month. The other colours ended up being gorgeous, but I just didn’t want to risk it on something I might not love. It’s a tough call.

July turned out to be a beautiful nearly cherry red holo with a touch of blue shimmer. I used 2 coats and topcoat, but I found the formula a little bit thick for my liking.


You can see the blue shimmer here a bit… unfortunately, it’s really tough to see it on the nail.


Did you get any of the monthlies this time around? Which ones?