Lilypad Lacquer – Diamond in the Rough

It’s no secret I love nude-gold holos, especially packed with shimmer, flakies, or just magic. Check out ILNP’s Bottle Service, Girly Bits’ Giggity Giggity Goo, Colors by Llarowe’s Tequila IV or my custom from Eat Sleep Polish called Elvis is My Homeboy!  The best part is that those are just a portion of the nude-gold holos I have! But, nevermind! There’s always room for more, so when a lovely lady was selling Lilypad Lacquer’s Diamond in the Rough I decided I needed to have that one too.

And I am glad I made that decision! It’s gorgeous!

Lilypad Lacquer - Diamond in the Rough || Oh My Swatch

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I Love Nail Polish – Bottle Service

You may already know that around here, gold/nude holos are a favourite… so when I saw Bottle Service was being discontinued by I Love Nail Polish, I had to jump on it. Bottle Service is a champagne/silver holo, so it’s slightly different than my normal gold/nude, but it’s still within the range of absolutely gorgeous!

I love nail polish ilnp bottle service

I love the champagne sheen when the light hits your nails, and the holo really sparkles in the sun. There’s just something about a neutral nail that just does it for me…. (the other kind is a vampy nail, but I digress). This is 2 coats of Bottle Service with top coat.

I love nail polish ilnp bottle service

And, as if Bottle Service isn’t luxurious enough, why not add some diamonds to your life!? I used a nail vinyl from Eat Sleep Polish to spice it up. I wore it on my ring finger obviously, but you could play it up any way you like. While they are super easy to apply, the thin lines of the diamond make it delicate, so be patient and work with care… not like I did, which ended with the first diamond being removed from my nail in frustration. My second application, I tried to be more zen and it worked out much better. 

I love nail polish ilnp bottle service

Find I Love Nail Polish here (sadly, no more Bottle Service, but there is a beauty coming out for Fall called Iconic that you might want to check out)… and the vinyls from Eat Sleep Polish over here. And I must know, what kind of nail colour just does it for you!?

Girly Bits – Giggity Giggity Goo

If you’re a fan of my Facebook page, you might have seen the recent swap package I received. If you’re not a fan of my Facebook page… you should just go ahead and click the like button! I was so happy to work out that swap, with a few polishes I’ve been lusting after for a while. Girly Bits’ Giggity Giggity Goo is one of them. It’s one of those gold-nude holos that I’m crazy about, with a bit of gold shimmer. Obviously, it’s inspired by Family Guy but did you know GB also has two other polishes inspired by Family Guy? Bird is the Word, and What the Deuce? are also in the collection… and on my wishlist!

I used two coats of Giggity Giggity Goo and I’m in loooove. The formula was beautiful and I never want to take the polish off!



girly-bits-giggity-giggity-goo-swatchSee those beautiful golden shimmers all throughout? It’s not a straight holo and that makes me so happy! Do you have any of these polishes? Happy (long) weekend!!

Colors by Llarowe – Tequila IV

Before Colors by Llarowe launched the summer collection, they decided to discontinue a bunch of previous shades. Tequila IV was one that being cut, but luckily they did one last restock before pulling them. I grabbed this one and Rizzo, a light pink holo.
If you know my polish loving habits, nude holos are way up there on the list of favourite polishes. So, needless to say that I love Tequila IV… a light gold nude polish that is just packed with holo lovliness.
This is 2 coats with topcoat.. I must say, Tequila IV was thick. Much thicker than I prefer… in fact, it made the brush so puffy and difficult to work with, which was too bad. I will probably add some thinner to this to make it a consistency I like!

ImageOf course, I had to use some of my Eat. Sleep. Polish. vinyls! I love these things so much! They make nail art easy enough that even I can have cute nails!


I love how much holo is in this polish! Amazing. Did you get any last chance CbL colours before they were discontinued? 🙂

It’s coming up on Oh My Swatch’s first birthday… so make sure to follow the blog on bloglovin’ so you can keep track of the upcoming giveaway annoucement!

OPI – Don’t Melbourne the Toast

Time to bust out one of my older polishes! When I first got into polish, I was happy whenever I found any OPI on sale and ended up grabbing a bunch without thinking about the colour or finish. It meant I ended up with a lot of reds and nudes, which OPI is always known for having. Don’t Melbourne the Toast was released in 2007, and I probably got it around then too! Crazy to think I’ve been collecting polish for that long, when I used to be a crazy nail biter.

Anyway, I digress. This polish definitely falls under the nude realm for me, although on the pinky side. It’s a polish I could wear when I want to look polished (haha) without drawing attention to my nails…. wait, do those times exist? Maybe once in a blue moon.

It is pretty though! I used 3 coats (with topcoat) because it was just a bit sheer for me after two. After 7 years, the formula is still great!

ImageImageI like the little bit of golden shimmer in there. What do you think? Would you wear Don’t Melbourne the Toast? This is definitely one of my oldest OPIs! I can’t let it go! 🙂 Happy polishing!

Enchanted Polish – December 2013

Did you know Enchanted polish is continuing the monthly polishes for 2014? This year is kind of fun, because each month is a mystery colour that you only find out once you receive it! The best part is that so far (for January and February), she is doing pre-orders for the monthly polishes – no more restock craziness!

Anyway, I digress slightly, since this is December 2013. This wasn’t a mystery colour but it was pre-order!

December 2013 is a coffee-coloured nude holo with a red flash! The formula and coverage is great, as always. This is two coats with topcoat. My middle finger nail is slowly growing back after I broke it two weeks ago, but you can still see the missing corner!

Lots of pictures to show the different sides of December 2013! Enjoy!








The next pre-order is on Sunday 🙂 Check for the details!

Enchanted Polish – Afternoon Delight

Here’s a lovely Enchanted Polish that I picked up at in their recent restock. I can’t say enough about npc, their amazing customer service and (free in Canada!) speedy shipping! Amazing.

I love nudes. I love holos. So, it is obvious that I will be gaga over a nude holo. Afternoon Delight is beautiful, and also has a green/mint flash that shows up at certain angles. I’ve noticed it mostly indoors, because outside the holo takes over. It was hard to capture on the nail, so I’ll show it in the bottle… but I promise it is there on the nail too. AD is slightly pink leaning, which helps make it a flattering colour.

Three coats with topcoat, and Butter London’s Fairy Cake on my ring finger.

And if you don’t think this polish is the best polish ever, I will fight you. That’s no lie.


Blurred to show the holo.





Mint/green flash.

Do you love it?