I Love Nail Polish – Rehab

Quickie post today – I’m about to head to bed and try, try to have a good night’s rest! C’mon Friday, we’re rooting for you!

This is I Love Nail Polish’s Rehab – a beautiful teal holo with micro blue shimmer. It was released in the summer, but last time I checked it was still available on ILNP’s website.


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Eat. Sleep. Polish. Letters From a Porcupine Collection Roundup

With today’s post, that rounds out the 6 polishes from the Letters From a Porcupine colletion by Eat. Sleep. Polish. Let’s go back and revisit them all!

Letters From a Porcupine collection

From L-R: 2×4, Change, Mouthful of Cavities (on top), No Rain (lying down), Toes Across the Floor, Soul One. 

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Eat. Sleep. Polish. – Letters From A Porcupine Collection – Mouthful of Cavities

Finally, the last instalment of the Letters From a Porcupine collection by Eat. Sleep. Polish. I must admit, I took too long to get all these pictures posted up on the blog. I blame Cat, really, because she distracted me with so many other pretty polishes recently that I just couldn’t focus. This is Mouthful of Cavities, which I actually wore alongside Toes Across the Floor but I wanted it to have it’s own post where I was wearing it on all my nails. So… voila.

Eat Sleep Polish - Mouthful of Cavities || Oh My Swatch

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Enchanted Polish – Good Life

It’s been a while since Enchanted Polish had a true collection release. She’s been releasing monthly mystery polishes, and a few ‘Right Place, Right Time’ polishes over the summer. Then there were, of course, restocks of already existing colours. So, I was happy and excited when the new Go West collection was introduced back in August (cough, yes it has taken me this long to get around to posting this). The Go West collection is based on Kanye West songs, and included 4 new polishes. I grabbed them all with my ninja-like clicking skills and immediately gravitated towards Good Life when they arrived.

Enchanted Polish Good Life | Oh My Swatch

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Julep – Phoebe

I have been putting more effort into trying some of my untrieds from brands aside from my usual. It’s so easy to overlook polishes when you have a stockpile of gorgeous holos staring at you, but that means overlooking gems like this! Julep’s Phoebe is delightful in the bottle but I was nervous it would be sheer when I used it, as sometimes shimmery teals tend to be very sheer.


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Michael Kors – Femme Fatale

On another wander around Winners (like Marshall’s) I stumbled upon a big pile of Michael Kors polishes! Giddy as a school girl, I started digging through checking all the colours. There were a few safe, traditional mani shades, but also a few real stunners. I chose two to take home, and this is the first one called Femme Fatale.

Femme Fatale is a deep navy blue, with a hidden blue shimmer that lights up from within the polish. In the shade it looks dark, almost black, but in the sun you see the shimmer come out and play. It’s so gorgeous.


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Julep – Ariana

Admittedly, I’ve been on quite the Enchanted Polish/Eat Sleep Polish binge around here. It’s just that I’ve accumulated quite a few new polishes from both brands in the past few months, and they are so pretty that it’s hard not to reach for them when doing a new mani. Although my other polishes have been put aside for a bit, they aren’t forgotten or unloved. So let’s visit one of them today.

This is Julep’s Ariana, a Classic with a Twist colour that Julep describes as an “enchanted berry iridescent chrome.” I’m not sure about the iridescent part, but I’ll go along with berry chrome. It does have a bit of shimmer to it, but I can’t say I found it to be very iridescent. This is two coats with topcoat.


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