Enchanted Polish – Dream On and Seven Nation Army

Enchanted Polish is definitely unicorn status among the indie brands… Surprise restocks of unannounced colours, restocks that sell out in mere minutes and the monthly mystery polishes seem to send polish lovers into a tizzy! Every time I try to resist, a new restock pops up, and my collection has grown considerably thanks to Enchanted Polish. Recently, one of my favourite polish stockists, Nail Polish Canada announced they would be having an Enchanted Polish restock on August 18… and their amazing service means my order landed in my mailbox today! Sticking to my budget, I only grabbed two – Dream On (NPC’s exclusive holo purple shade), and Seven Nation Army, a black and white spotted holo glitter topcoat deliciousness.


How could I decide between the two!? The choice was obvious – use them both!

I used 2 coats of Dream On on my index and pinky (and thumb), and 3 coats of 7NA on my ring and middle fingers. With 3 coats, 7NA builds to a nice opacity, but is slightly gritty so I used 2 coats of topcoat.





The holo in Seven Nation Army makes it look kind of fuzzy and out of focus, but it’s amazing! I can’t wait to play with this over other colours! Check out the pretty macro shot.


Click on any picture for higher resolution! 🙂 Did you grab any Enchanted Polish at the NPC restock? Go to Enchanted Polish‘s website to find out when new colours arrive there as well (hint, hint – this Sunday).


BlackLace Cosmetics – River of Styx

The final polish I have to review from BlackLace Cosmetics is River of  Styx, a linear holo topcoat that can be layered over any polish to add a holo rainbow. You can also layer this over your bare nails if you prefer… personally, I’m using it over a polish for two reasons – 1., my nails are uber yellow, and 2., more colour is more fun!

I started out with the Mint Ice Cream mani I showed you yesterday, then added one coat of River of Styx on top. As you can see, I bumped my finger while it was wet… but the effect is really gorgeous.


Next, I wanted to see how River of Styx would look with multiple layers. I added two more layers (so 3 total) on to my middle and pinky fingers. You can just how strong the holo can build up to! I don’t know about you… but I’m a holo freak, so this topcoat is definitely going to be high in rotation in my polish stash!



What colour would you use under River of Styx? Leave me suggestions below and I’ll try some out! Happy Friday!

Disclaimer: This polish was sent for review – but all opinions are always my own! 

Saturday Savings – Hard Candy – Celebrate Sequins

For today’s Saturday Savings I pulled out a glitter topcoat that packs a punch. Celebrate Sequins has square, hex and little holographic glitters in a clear base. I used one coat of it over yesterday’s mani, OPI’s Louvre Me, Louvre Me Not.

One coat! Look how much glitter is packed into this badboy! Lovely.



It’s so glittery! It is a little chunky, so a generous coat of topcoat will be necessary to smooth it out! 🙂 Happy Saturday!

Enchanted Polish – To Die For

Following yesterday’s minty holo post, I thought it’d be a good time to post these pictures I took a while ago but never actually put up!

This is I Love Nail Polish’s Music Box, with one coat of Enchanted Polish’s To Die For on top. To Die For is a glitter topcoat, with lots of blue and holo glitter. The base is also slightly tinted, as you can tell it changed how Music Box looks underneath it. Check the swatch of Music Box alone here.

ImageIt took me a long time to find a combination I liked for To Die For! I feel like I’ve swatched it over a million polishes (actual number may vary).

ImageImageSee how it darkens and almost greys out Music Box a little? Plus the sparkle!!! I’m glad I grabbed this one and kept it around! Happy Polishing!

Saturday Savings – Nicole by OPI – Mi Fantasia

Ok, I know Saturday Savings has been MIA for a while… but it’s back!

Let’s kick it off with a beauty of a polish… Mi Fantasia from the Selena Gomez collection for Nicole by OPI.

Mi Fantasia is a glitter topcoat with lots of blue glitter and different coloured iridescent bar glitter. It’s a pretty dense glitter topcoat, so you can build up a few coats to near full-coverage… but I opted to wear one coat over an old nude polish I have. The formula is a little thick for my liking. It’s really glittery and beautiful! Check it out.

ImageThe Selena Gomez collection is a bit older, but I’ve still seen it in many drugstores so I’m sure you can still find it! Happy Saturday!

Saturday Savings – L’Oreal The Holographic

Are any of you as excited about the Olympics as I am? Canada already has one of each medal, which is an awesome start! It may be why my post is coming later in the afternoon today 😉

Continuing with my Saturday Savings series, I have a topcoat from L’Oreal today. They recently released a line called The Magic Top Coats, and this one is called The Holographic. It’s not holographic like us nail polish addicts know holographics to be… but it’s definitely amazing. It has flakey glitters in a clear base, and the glitters are duochrome teal and blue. So gorgeous.

I used 2 coats of Sally Hansen’s Black Out for the base – a really good black creme polish with no issues. I used one coat of The Holographic. The polish is slightly chunky – you can see it in the pictures. You can fix this with a good topcoat though. What I did was press the brush onto my nail instead of swiping it like normal… this helped the glitter not to clump up or wipe right off the nail. I totally forgive it though, because the glitter looks like it’s glowing on your nails!



L’Oreal polishes are available in most drugstores. I got mine on sale for about $5. I think this was the most interesting of all the Magic Top Coat polishes. Happy Weekend!

Essie – Tour de Finance

This is a happy and sad post. Happy because I love this colour, and the combo with the Hard Candy polish is right up my alley. 

Sad, because the day after I took these pictures I went to work with bare nails. I’m sure you can imagine what happened next…

If you guessed this, then you win the prize…. sigh.


Now all my nails are chopped down back to nubbins. Lesson learned. Winter has been very drying to my nails and I haven’t been using my nail oil enough!! That combined with bare nails was a huge mistake. So my upcoming mani pictures will be featuring my new short nails.

Let’s enjoy the length of what I used to have…

Tour de Finance is a bright pink with a bit of shimmer. Total Barbie polish. I used two coats with topcoat. The formula was a bit thin, but working slowly it was fine. I just don’t understand the name… Tour de Finance? Is that where I bike around the country-side looking for banks? Or is it when I look through my nail polish stash and realize how much moola is sitting there? Who knows. Anyway, on to the beauties!


Some tipwear showing since I took these pictures after a day of wear.


After a day, I wanted a bit of a change so I added one coat of Hard Candy’s Black Tie Optional. You might remember that I received some Hard Candy polishes from my Mom after she won them in a contest! Thanks, Mom!


I love all the different kinds of black and white glitter! Almost like graffiti on my nails! Lovely.
ImageBye-bye long nails. Sigh.