EOTD – Kat Von D – Chrysalis Palette

I was lucky enough to be spoiled for my birthday by two lovely ladies (Taylor and Rebecca) who gifted me this Kat Von D Chrysalis palette I was lusting over. I’ve been having fun experimenting with it for the past few weeks…. today, I brought it out again and decided to use the blue/grey section of the palette. You can see below that the palette is somewhat divided into 3 colour groups… of course, you can mix and match any way you like, but today I stuck with the last 3 shadows for the main part of my look.

The steely grey is called Graphic Nature, the brighter blue is Entombed, and the darkest navy is Tornay. I also used the medium brown (4th from left) called Glasswing.

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Urban Decay – Mrs Mia Wallace

I’m sure many of you were in the same boat I was when Urban Decay announced their new Pulp Fiction collection… excited! But, unlike many of you, I was excited because the polish and lippie were beautiful… not because of the movie. You see, I had never seen Pulp Fiction at that point! (Say whaaaat?) It’s true! So I obviously sat down with my bff Netflix and caught myself up on a 20 year old film.

So, naturally, I began stalking Sephora to see when it would be released, and as luck would have it, they actually had the product in the store during the night of the VIB Rouge event. I asked one of the staff if she could bring out the lipstick and polish for me to look at, and  I was actually first to try them both! They both jumped into my bag.

So, here is Mrs. Mia Wallace, the nail polish, from Urban Decay. I just wish they had given different names to the polish, lipstick, and liner! Too confusing. I used two coats and a topcoat… and let me tell you, this polish is insanely gorgeous. It has this golden shimmer in the bottle which shines just right in the light as a subtle shimmer on your nails. To me, it’s such a classy and rich looking colour for fall. I’m tempted to buy a backup bottle. My only negative is that I’m not a huge fan of the brush. It’s quite thin and long compared to some other polish brushes, so it takes a little adjustment.


 The box is labelled as the Pulp Fiction collection, and has a little bandaid on the back, just like Marsellus Wallace had on the back of his head. Inside, is the Ezekiel 25:17 passage he quotes in the movie. The bottle itself has a skull on the top of the lid, as usual for UD polish… but this time the top is a darker gunmetal grey to show the special edition. Enough talk! Let’s see the polish!


urban-decay-pulp-fiction-mrs-mia-wallace-polishWell, I don’t know about you… but that’s one gorgeous looking polish to me! I’m so tempted to get a backup… Happy Thursday!

Sephora Give Me Some Lip Kit

Recently, Sephora added a few new sets to their Sephora Favourites section of their website. I’m always a big fan of these sets, as you can make one purchase and try out a bunch of products for a generally great price. I picked up the Give Me Some Lip set, and split it with a friend, so each of us got 3 products for $15. Generally they are a mix of deluxe-sized and full-size, but always a great deal.


The Smashbox gloss is full-sized and retails alone for over $20, so this kit is a great value. I ended up keeping the Bite, Urban Decay, and Marc Jacobs and passed the rest along.


The Urban Decay Revolution lipstick mini comes in the shade Naked. The deluxe sized Bite High Pigment Lip Pencil is in the colour Meritage, and the mini Marc Jacobs Lust for Lacquer in Kissability. Out of the three, I think the Bite and UD are my favourites.

The Bite lip pencil is really interesting. Based on the shot on the box, I was expecting a much more red colour. This is a neutral as well, just a little more amped up. The formula was really great though… it even lasted through eating and drinking! I love the crayon style as well, it makes precise application easy. I’m definitely interested in trying out more shades from this line.

The UD lipsticks have been really great. I already own a few other shades, so I was happy to get this one in mini size. Naked is a great basic neutral to wear every day. I find the formula is really creamy and lasts for quite a while. No complaints!

Finally, the Marc Jacobs gloss was my least favourite of the bunch. It has some gold glitter in it that makes it feel slightly chunky at times, and the doe-foot applicator felt really hard and dry… almost like it was picking up no product. I wonder if that’s a result of it being mini-sized, or just the way the applicator is. I don’t have any other Marc Jacobs glosses to compare it to. The colour is really pretty though, and I love the scent. Slightly minty and tingling which I like, but overall it was just okay.

give me lip 3Bite, Urban Decay, Marc Jacobs.

Since I split this with a friend, I don’t have the other three to swatch. Are you going to pick up the Give Me Some Lip set? 

EOTD – Urban Decay Feminine Palette

I’m back with another EOTD. I’m determined to stick to my goals!

This time, I used the Feminine palette from Urban Decay. I picked it up using points from Shopper’s Drug Mart in the summertime… but haven’t even touched it until now! Yikes. I love how soft and pretty this is, but still interesting and colourful!


I used:

  • MAC Let’s Skate paint pot.
  • UD Feminine palette: Skimp on lid and highlight, Bordello as transition, Gunmetal outer V/crease, AC/DC under eye
  • UD Riot 24/7 liner on waterline
  • UD Perversion 24/7 liner to tight line
  • Stila liquid liner
  • Benefit They’re Real mascara




Some of the pictures are a bit blurry, but I hope that you enjoy them anyway! 🙂

EOTD – Urban Decay Get Baked Palette

I have a huge problem. There are so many gorgeous eyeshadow palettes out there right now, and I’m itching to get my grubby little hands on a few of them… the problem is that I rarely branch out beyond neutral shadows, so spending money on beautiful eyeshadows seems wasteful since I would rarely reach for them. I actually have the UD Feminine palette that I picked up as a points rewards at Shopper’s Drug Mart this past summer… andI haven’t even touched it yet!!!

So, with that in mind… I have two goals right now:

1. Learn to incorporate more colours into my EOTD looks.
2. Keep practicing my winged liner!

I’ve been watching so many YouTube tutorials, as well as looking up images on Pinterest that interest me! You can see ideas I’ve gathered on my Pinterest Makeup board here.

So, without further ado, here’s today’s look using Urban Decay’s Get Baked palette.

What I used:

  • MUFE Aqua Shadow in 20E as a base
  • UD Baked allover lid,
  • UD Twice Baked outer corner and under eye,
  • UD Flipside inner half of undereye.
  • Be A Bombshell in Birthday suit as highlight.
  • Mac Blacktrack tightliner/waterline.
  • Stila liquid liner in black.
  • Benefit They’re Real mascara.

If you’re like me and have Get Baked and all the Naked palettes, then you find yourself the lucky owner of 3 Twice Baked shadows. Why do they do this?! I’d rather have two more colours. UD – no more repeats in your palettes, please!




My wing is coming along… but not quite where I want it yet!

EOTD – Urban Decay Naked Palette

Another EOTD featuring the original Naked palette. I admit, prior to buying this palette I had only a few eyeshadows! I had a Clinique quad that I got from a friend… but I only used one of the colours in it, and did a wash of that colour over my lid and that was it! Okay, I also had a bright pink shadow from Estee Lauder, but that was my ‘weekend’ eyeshadow. Oh my goodness, it was a hot mess.

At this point I feel like I have ‘so many’ eyeshadows, (which I totally do!), but in comparison to some friends/other bloggers I haven’t branched out much past my love for the UD neutrals. I’m working on it. Perhaps for my birthday this year, I’ll ask for Sephora gift cards and pick up some fun colours!

Here’s today’s look:


I used:

  • Mac Paintpot in Stormy Pink on lid
  • Mac Paintpot in Constructivist in crease

From the Naked palette:

  • Darkhorse in crease/outer V and outer half of under eye
  • Naked on lid
  • Half Baked for inner corner and inner half of under eye
  • Buck as a transition colour
  • Virgin for highlighter

I finished up with

  • Mac Fluidline in Blacktrack to tightline and on the waterline
  • Stila liquid eyeliner in black
  • Lancome Hynose Star mascara.



I’m trying to learn how to do a nice winged liner, but I’m still not there!

EOTD Urban Decay Naked 2

Okay, confession: I own 5 Urban Decay eyeshadow palettes. Hey, don’t fix what’s not broken, right? Well, I’m looking to branch out in the next few months with some more colourful palettes… but for now I’m happy experimenting with what I have and trying to come up with some different looks using what I have!

Today, I busted out the Naked 2. For some reason, I haven’t been using this one as much as the Naked or Naked 3 lately. I know some other people say it’s their least favourite of the 3 palettes, probably because it’s mostly cooler colours. For me, I feel like it has more darker shadows, and more silvery shimmery shadows that I wouldn’t wear to work… which is why I don’t use it as much.

Here’s what I came up with today.

I used:

  • Mac Constructivist paint potUD
  • Naked 2: Busted (lid), YDK (inner corner, under eye), Chopper (transition colour), Foxy (highlight), Blackout (outer corner).
  • Mac Blacktrack liner
  • NYC mascara received from Influenster

Let’s pretend the foundation on my forehead is not looking streaky and horrible! I promise I didn’t go out like that! I was just playing around and slapped some foundation on to take pictures. Too rushed, obviously!



Hmm, I think I need some bright colours to change up my regular neutral eye look! I’m waiting on an order from Bare Minerals, so once they arrive I’ll be mixing some of those colours in with my Naked palettes for sure!