Wednesday Wants

Sometimes when Wednesday comes around, I find myself thinking “Self, this Wednesday Wants feature won’t last forever. You’ve already been doing it for a few weeks, and you’ve listed all your wants!” Then, I realize this is foolish, and in the beauty world the wants list never dies down… it just grows and grows! It’s so easy to find things to add to my wants list each week. Even now, I can think of a few things that aren’t making this week’s cut in an effort to keep this post a manageable size!

Let’s start off with this awesome set from Marc Jacobs Beauty. This Blacquer and Bleu Five-Piece Eye Essentials Collection is available from Sephora for $95. I know, it seems like a lot but bear with me! It comes packaged in this cosmetics pouch, which is designed in such a way that my boyfriend would probably even use it to pack his toiletries in while travelling. This is good… heaven knows I don’t really need another makeup pouch!

blacquer and bleu 1

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Wednesday Wants!

This past weekend marked Sephora’s VIB/VIB Rouge 20% off sale, and while I definitely did my share of damage I didn’t grab everything off my list. It’s all about practicing restraint and picking and choosing, right? I keep telling myself that. Let’s see how long I hold off.

This week’s list is a short 3 items… so let’s get to it!

First up, Tory Burch’s Bronzer & Blush duo in Divine. Available from Sephora for $58 this beautiful combo comes packaged in an orange and gold compact that we know and love as Tory Burch’s cosmetic signature look. Sadly, the price tag is keeping it out of my stash at this time. Darn.

tory burch blush

Isn’t it gorgeous?

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October 30 – Wednesday Wants!

Oh, yes… it’s quite easy to have a weekly wishlist, especially at this time of year when beauty brands are doing everything they can to lure us into buying their many limited edition sets, palettes, and gifts.

First up on my list today is just that… a beautiful, limited edition offering from a favourite brand of mine – Urban Decay. If you’re a beauty junkie like me, you’re familiar with the Vice 3 palette that was released a few weeks back. I haven’t pulled the trigger on it yet… but I’m tempted to every day!


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