Indie Polish – Hipster Please

Continuing with the Indie Polish swatches… here’s another glitter topper with a name that cracks me up. Hipster Please is a mix of yellow, white, and grey microdot glitter. It can be layered to achieve a more full coverage look but I like wearing it over a base and letting my nails look really speckled.

Indie Polish || Oh My Swatch

Hipster Please (far left)

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Long Weekend Mani

Here in Ontario, many of us were lucky enough to have a long weekend this past weekend. It’s always a huge cottage weekend for people in the city, but especially for my family. We have a long-standing (over 40 years!) tradition of having a huge party at the cottage on the August long weekend. It started when my grandparents paid off their mortgage and threw a big luau. They had so much fun they decided to do it again the next year… except with a different country theme. Each year a country is drawn from a hat to prepare for the next summer. This year, we celebrated Ireland. We all cook up a traditional (as traditional as we can find) Irish meal and feast away! Plus, we listened to some Irish music, did a scavenger hunt for a leprechaun, and played some Irish trivia. Some people dress up in cheeky costumes (like my Granny who wore a shirt that said Irish I was a millionaire). Overall, a super fun, if not silly, traditional.

I didn’t dress up this year, but I decided to sport some theme nails for the weekend. Inspired by the Irish flag, I busted out some green, white, and orange polishes.


From left to right: Eat.Sleep.Polish. in Hot Orange is the New Black, and Wisdom, Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in White On, and Girly Bits in King of the Lab. 


This is the mani design I came up with. I used 3 coats of each polish, and topped my thumb and pinky off with 2 coats of Hot Orange is the New Black. I finished all with a coat of topcoat.

This orange is King of the Lab, a polish inspired by the Bones TV series. Read my full review here.


This green was a monthly release from Eat. Sleep. Polish. Sadly, it’s not available anymore, but you can still read my full review here. She released 2 new monthly polishes yesterday, so go check them out on her website before they’re gone!


Finally, Hot Orange is the New Black is a glitter topper filled with different shapes of orange and black glitter, with some holo glitter thrown in for good measure. This was also a limited edition polish but I suggest following ESP on Facebook to keep in the know about upcoming LE polishes… she tends to come out with them every now and then, and they are always fun! This one was great consistency. I used two coats to get the glitter coverage the way I wanted it, but I had no issues with formula or getting a good mix of glitter!

Does your family have any fun traditions like mine… or are we just crazy? 🙂 Happy Tuesday!

BlackLace Cosmetics – Mount Olympus Overview

I’ve finally finished posting all the beauties from the Mount Olympus collection by BlackLace Cosmetics. So let’s do a quick review of my favourites.


My top polish from the collection is Dionysus. A beautiful holo purple that applied creamy dreamy!

My next favourites were a tie. The first was Hermes, a pearly white with a smattering of holo.

The second was Aphrodite, a bright pink with holo that proved incredibly difficult to photograph!

None of the polishes were complete misses for me. The formula overall was really easy to work with and I found the collection to be a good mix of finishes and colours! Of course, we all have our colour preferences, but that’s just personal taste!

Full review of Dionysus

Full review of Hermes.

Full review of Aphrodite.

Full review of Athena, the soft lilac.

Full review of Artemis, the dark green jelly.

Full review of Apollo, a pretty coppery metallic.

Any standouts for you?


Disclaimer: These polishes were sent for review – but all opinions are always my own! 

BlackLace Cosmetics – Hermes

This is definitely one of my favourite polishes I’ve received from anywhere in the past month or two. I’m sure happy that BlackLace Cosmetics chose to send me a package of her polishes to swatch.

Next up from BLC is Hermes… a beautiful pearly white with a splash of holo for good measure. I used 3 coats for best coverage, and finished with topcoat as usual. This was the only polish in the collection that I found to be just a smidge thick for my liking. That tends to happen with polishes that are packed with shimmer and glass-fleck looking particles. No matter, I added a few drops of polish thinner (I have one from Poshe). We all have our preference for polish viscosity, and I prefer mine on the thin side!

Any how, the polish is gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!





Look closely and you can see the pearly qualities it has… different shades of pink and blue shimmers, with the holo sparkles throughout! Delicious. Remember, you can pick up this and the rest of BlackLace Cosmetic’s polishes on her Storenvy… and you can visit her on Facebook and say hi! Happy Sunday!

Essie – Tour de Finance

This is a happy and sad post. Happy because I love this colour, and the combo with the Hard Candy polish is right up my alley. 

Sad, because the day after I took these pictures I went to work with bare nails. I’m sure you can imagine what happened next…

If you guessed this, then you win the prize…. sigh.


Now all my nails are chopped down back to nubbins. Lesson learned. Winter has been very drying to my nails and I haven’t been using my nail oil enough!! That combined with bare nails was a huge mistake. So my upcoming mani pictures will be featuring my new short nails.

Let’s enjoy the length of what I used to have…

Tour de Finance is a bright pink with a bit of shimmer. Total Barbie polish. I used two coats with topcoat. The formula was a bit thin, but working slowly it was fine. I just don’t understand the name… Tour de Finance? Is that where I bike around the country-side looking for banks? Or is it when I look through my nail polish stash and realize how much moola is sitting there? Who knows. Anyway, on to the beauties!


Some tipwear showing since I took these pictures after a day of wear.


After a day, I wanted a bit of a change so I added one coat of Hard Candy’s Black Tie Optional. You might remember that I received some Hard Candy polishes from my Mom after she won them in a contest! Thanks, Mom!


I love all the different kinds of black and white glitter! Almost like graffiti on my nails! Lovely.
ImageBye-bye long nails. Sigh.

Anna Sui Minnie Mouse polish

Anna Sui recently released a Minnie Mouse collection. It included 5 polishes, and 2 lipstick/shadow kits. I picked up two of the polishes, and have one for you today.

This one doesn’t have a name just (Minnie Mouse) 002. The bottles are beautiful, but tiny…. 8ml cost me $15 at The Bay. I was tempted by the other shades, but held back because of the price point. I have also never tried Anna Sui polishes before, so wanted to do a test run before committing too much money.

002 is a pearly white, with some holographic glitter… it also has a pink flash that was hard to capture in pictures. This is 3 coats with topcoat. There is definitely still visible nail line so if you don’t like that you may want to steer clear. I thought it would be pretty with just 2 coats and used in a French manicure. The application is smooth and even. They also have Anna Sui’s signature rosy scent.

However, when I tested the purple polish (not shown), I had horrible tipwear a few hours later. I touched it up, figuring I had been rough on my nails. It showed a lot of wear again… so to me, these polishes are adorable and a fun addition to the collection, but not very good in terms of price/value and wear time.

Without further ado, here is 002. 🙂



ImageArgh. Winter is really doing a number on my cuticles!! Must remember to use more cuticle oil! 🙂

Halloween Mani!

It’s getting close to  that time of year! I’ve seen so many amazing Halloween nail art manis… but I am not talented in that department! Luckily, there are a few ways to have a cute Halloween mani with a little ‘cheating’. 

I actually picked these up last year on clearance… so I think they have dried out and caused me a few problems with tearing. I have used these before and never had that issue. They still work and stick, but need to applied a bit more carefully! 

This is Sally Hansen Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips in the Ghoulie Girl print. I like these because they aren’t stickers, but actual nail polish, so they stick really well and remove with just nail polish remover… so no damage to your nails. 


Here’s what comes in the kit. Image

 Each strip has three layers, the bottom backing, the polish and a top plastic. I peel all three apart before applying, although that’s not quite how the instructions say to do it. 



My one complaint is that the sizes don’t fit my nails well. There aren’t enough big sizes to cover my nails. You can see how this didn’t cover my whole nail. It’s also a bit wrinkled from the application problems I had. 



And this one was too big… but I actually prefer them too big, as you can use the nail stick to break off the parts that overlap onto the cuticle. 



Finally, I used Sally Hansen White On (two coats), and Hard Candy’s Sugar Rush (one coat) on my other nails to finish the mani. 



Phew. What do you think of this mani? What are you doing for your Halloween nails!?