BlackLace Cosmetics – Apollo

Oh my! Has it really been a week? I know it’s summer vacation, so everyone is thinking that I must be relaxing and obviously have nothing to do… (haha), but I’m  taking a Math course to help me become a better teacher in that area. It’s all day long, and it’s tiring!!! Who knew a Grade 1 problem could turn into hours of discussion? Crazy.

Anyway, I want to continue with the Mount Olympus collection from BlackLace Cosmetics. This is the third polish from the box I received to review.

Apollo is a coppery metallic with a splash of scattered holo. The holo is impossible to capture on camera, but it is there! I used 3 coats with topcoat, and once again, the formula was great.

Apollo 1

Apollo 2

Check out BlackLace Cosmetics on Facebook or Storenvy. What’s your favourite polish?


3 thoughts on “BlackLace Cosmetics – Apollo

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