I’m Moving!

The blog, that is!

I’m so excited to announce that I’m moving over to www.ohmyswatch.com !

I hope you will join me so we can continue having fun swatching over there!

Thank you for all the love over the past year.

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See you over there!


Lilypad Lacquer – Diamond in the Rough

It’s no secret I love nude-gold holos, especially packed with shimmer, flakies, or just magic. Check out ILNP’s Bottle Service, Girly Bits’ Giggity Giggity Goo, Colors by Llarowe’s Tequila IV or my custom from Eat Sleep Polish called Elvis is My Homeboy!  The best part is that those are just a portion of the nude-gold holos I have! But, nevermind! There’s always room for more, so when a lovely lady was selling Lilypad Lacquer’s Diamond in the Rough I decided I needed to have that one too.

And I am glad I made that decision! It’s gorgeous!

Lilypad Lacquer - Diamond in the Rough || Oh My Swatch

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Wednesday Wants

Sometimes when Wednesday comes around, I find myself thinking “Self, this Wednesday Wants feature won’t last forever. You’ve already been doing it for a few weeks, and you’ve listed all your wants!” Then, I realize this is foolish, and in the beauty world the wants list never dies down… it just grows and grows! It’s so easy to find things to add to my wants list each week. Even now, I can think of a few things that aren’t making this week’s cut in an effort to keep this post a manageable size!

Let’s start off with this awesome set from Marc Jacobs Beauty. This Blacquer and Bleu Five-Piece Eye Essentials Collection is available from Sephora for $95. I know, it seems like a lot but bear with me! It comes packaged in this cosmetics pouch, which is designed in such a way that my boyfriend would probably even use it to pack his toiletries in while travelling. This is good… heaven knows I don’t really need another makeup pouch!

blacquer and bleu 1

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Indie Polish – Frozen

The last two polishes from Indie Polish are coming up… and they both glitter toppers inspired by the huge hit movie Frozen. Having taught Kindergarten last year, the movie and everything about it was drummed into my head more times than I can count. (Really, that’s just what I tell people. I loooove the movie!!) 

Today, I have the glitter topper which is the movie’s namesake – Frozen. The fun topper reminds more of Anna, with it’s mix of grey, green, purple, and blue glitters.

Indie Polish || Oh My Swatch

Frozen – centre

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