Picture Polish – Whimsy

This is another polish I received from my birthday swap group. I feel like this month I’ve really been into baby blue polishes! They’re just so refreshing for summer. This is actually my first piCture pOlish, although I have admired them from afar for quite some time. Whimsy is a beautiful baby blue packed with iridescent shimmer that reminds me of a mermaid’s tail. Gorgeous.

This is 3 coats with topcoat. I did find it quite sheer, and even after 3 coats I can see it’s still a bit patchy in areas.




The best part is that the shimmer really does show up well on the nail. I’m willing to give this one another shot to see if I can make it work. What’s your favourite piCture pOlish?

Emily de Molly – Dark Forces

I got really excited when I first saw this polish from Emily de Molly… Dark Forces has those holo big circle glitters aren’t common in polishes, but they are just so fun. I knew immediately I had to have it. Yet, it’s taken me forever to get around to using it! Oops! The polish itself is gorgeous, but I did find the formula a bit finicky. The big circles are a bit of a pain. I didn’t have to fish any out of the bottle, which is good, but I did have to try and spread them out as they tended to clump together on my nails. Also, the black base was pretty sheer, so I ended up doing 3 coats of the polish. The glitter is so big that after 3 coats it gets pretty lumpy. Sigh. I had higher expectations! I’m hoping I can try it out again and have better success.



I love how the glitter flashes different colours even when layered under the jelly base. It’s just so pretty!!! I’m sure you can see the unevenness of my nails in the pictures though. I’m torn on this one! Are you willing to overlook a less than stellar application if the polish is one you love? Let me know how you feel!

Colors by Llarowe – Surf My Wave

Colors by Llarowe’s summer collection was enormous (over 30 polishes!) so I had a really hard time narrowing down my choices to fit my budget. I finally got myself down to 3 and then quickly shut my eyes to avoid seeing the other polishes again… lest my haul grow and grow.

The first polish I chose was Surf My Wave, a gorgeous bright mid-tone blue packed with holo. The formula was great, and this is 3 coats with topcoat.


colors-by-llarowe-cbl-surf-my-wave-swatchPersonally, I find it to be a great blue that stands out against my skin tone. Very summery and definitely reminds me of those beautiful ocean waves we all want to see this time of year. Did you get any of the summer collection polishes from CbL? Which ones?


Emerald & Ash Cuticle Oil & Overview

In my recent package I received from Emerald & Ash, I also received a sample of their cuticle oil to try out. The scent of the month is Fresh Cut Grass… and is it ever! The oil smells exactly like freshly cut lawns, without the sneeze factor. As you can see, I’ve been enjoying the cuticle oil. One thing I really appreciate is that it’s formulated with jojoba oil, which is really important in maintaining cuticle health! I admit, I haven’t been great at upkeeping my nails this summer (which has led to many breaks on my left hand), so this little bottle has been great to have on hand.


I really love the roller ball applicator. It keeps the oil from getting all over and only applies where I want it to be! Perfect. The best part is that E&A offer their cuticle oil in a HUGE variety of scents. Seriously, go check out the list right here… it’s enormous. The next ones I want to try out are Lilac, Toasted Marshmallows, and Vanilla Champagne.


Overall, I’ve really enjoyed these polishes and oil from E&A! My favorite polish was hard to choose… pink, purple, and blue are my most reached for polish colours. I love Titty Sprinkles for it’s name, Zetus Lapetus for the colour, and Stubble Jumper for the awesome flakies.

Zetus Lapetus – a pretty pink with blue microflakies. 

Stubble Jumper – a blue with blue shimmer and gold microflakies.

Titty Sprinkles – a polish with a hilarious name, and a crazy amount of flakies in all sorts of colours! 

Check out my reviews of all three, and then choose your own favourite! Happy Sunday!

Disclaimer: I received these products for review – but all opinions are always my own! 

OPI – My Signature is “DC”

I’m sure you know by now that OPI released a collection of polishes based on Coca-Cola products. What you may not know is the copious amounts of Diet Coke that is consumed in this household. Yes, I know it’s terrible… but try and stop me! So, needless to say, this polish is right up my alley.

My Signature is “DC” is based off Diet Coke. It’s a shiny, shimmery silver that is very reflective and metallic. The formula is really easy to work with and this is two coats with topcoat. Removal is a pain though, because the shimmery silver just spreads all over your hands… so be patient and have lots of cotton pads ready to go!



Then, as if the silver reflective surface wasn’t blinding enough… I decided to add a couple coats of BlackLace Cosmetics’ River of Styx to really make it sing!

opi-my-signature-is-dc-coca-cola-collection-swatchGorgeous! Have you picked up any of the Coca-Cola polishes? I received this as a gift as part of the duo that also includes the classic Coca-Cola red, which I’m also loving! Happy Saturday!

BlackLace Cosmetics – River of Styx

The final polish I have to review from BlackLace Cosmetics is River of  Styx, a linear holo topcoat that can be layered over any polish to add a holo rainbow. You can also layer this over your bare nails if you prefer… personally, I’m using it over a polish for two reasons – 1., my nails are uber yellow, and 2., more colour is more fun!

I started out with the Mint Ice Cream mani I showed you yesterday, then added one coat of River of Styx on top. As you can see, I bumped my finger while it was wet… but the effect is really gorgeous.


Next, I wanted to see how River of Styx would look with multiple layers. I added two more layers (so 3 total) on to my middle and pinky fingers. You can just how strong the holo can build up to! I don’t know about you… but I’m a holo freak, so this topcoat is definitely going to be high in rotation in my polish stash!



What colour would you use under River of Styx? Leave me suggestions below and I’ll try some out! Happy Friday!

Disclaimer: This polish was sent for review – but all opinions are always my own! 

BlackLace Cosmetics – Mint Ice Cream

I told you I had 2 more polishes from BlackLace Cosmetics to review… these 2 are not part of the Mount Olympus collection, so I saved them for last. First up is Mint Ice Cream, a minty (surprised?) creme polish with a hint of shimmer hiding in it. I love secret shimmer in polish, it’s like a little secret that only you know about. Okay, around me other people know too, because I shove my nails in their faces and say ‘Yes, it’s pretty… but look at the shimmer!’


This is 3 coats with topcoat. The formula was easy to work with, and after 3 coats was evened out perfectly.


blacklace-cosmetics-mint-ice-cream-swatchIn the first picture, you can see the shimmer coming out on the nail… but in the second photo you can really see it in the bottle. Gorgeous polish, and perfect for summer. Happy Thursday!




Disclaimer: I received this polish for review, but all opinions are always my own!