Michael Kors – Femme Fatale

On another wander around Winners (like Marshall’s) I stumbled upon a big pile of Michael Kors polishes! Giddy as a school girl, I started digging through checking all the colours. There were a few safe, traditional mani shades, but also a few real stunners. I chose two to take home, and this is the first one called Femme Fatale.

Femme Fatale is a deep navy blue, with a hidden blue shimmer that lights up from within the polish. In the shade it looks dark, almost black, but in the sun you see the shimmer come out and play. It’s so gorgeous.


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Julep – Ariana

Admittedly, I’ve been on quite the Enchanted Polish/Eat Sleep Polish binge around here. It’s just that I’ve accumulated quite a few new polishes from both brands in the past few months, and they are so pretty that it’s hard not to reach for them when doing a new mani. Although my other polishes have been put aside for a bit, they aren’t forgotten or unloved. So let’s visit one of them today.

This is Julep’s Ariana, a Classic with a Twist colour that Julep describes as an “enchanted berry iridescent chrome.” I’m not sure about the iridescent part, but I’ll go along with berry chrome. It does have a bit of shimmer to it, but I can’t say I found it to be very iridescent. This is two coats with topcoat.


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Eat. Sleep. Polish. – Letters From a Porcupine Collection – Change

Continuing (slowly) with the Letters From a Porcupine collection from Eat. Sleep. Polish., up next is a shimmery, holo blue called Change. It’s easy to be in love with this gorgeous polish. It’s a one-coater. One-coat. When does that happen? Not only that, but my boyfriend noticed it while I was painting my nails and said “I like that. I don’t know what it is, but that’s a great blue. Keep it on a long time… ’til next year!”
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Marc Jacobs Beauty – Highliner Gel Eye Crayon – Intro(vert)

Earlier this year, Sephora had a mini Marc Jacobs Beauty Highliner Gel Eye Crayon (phew) in (Brown)Out as a 100 point perk. Of course, I quickly snatched it up in order to try out the high end brand without the high end price tag. I have enjoyed the mini pencil, so when I stumbled across Intro(vert) tonight at Marshall’s, I quickly consulted with a friend about the colour and happily skipped out of the store with my purchase.


Okay, I didn’t actually skip out, but I was pleased with myself.

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Enchanted Polish – Autumn & Eat Sleep Polish – Salad Fingers

Enchanted Polish originally released Autumn in a limited (ha, what Enchanted restock isn’t limited?!) restock, which I sadly missed. Luckily for me, it was rereleased this Autumn, and this time around I was prepared. Once it finally showed up, I was in love. Autumn spends most of it’s life shifting between a bronzey-golden holo polish, but every now and then a pinky-purple side shows up, and she’s just gorgeous! To add a little more festive feel to my Autumn mani, I grabbed a new (also Limited Edition) polish from Eat. Sleep. Polish., a gorgeous glitter topcoat called Salad Fingers. Cat describes it as “copper, sandy, caramel, matte peach, fuchsia, red and cranberry glitters of all shapes and sizes!” 


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