BlackLace Cosmetics – Mount Olympus Overview

I’ve finally finished posting all the beauties from the Mount Olympus collection by BlackLace Cosmetics. So let’s do a quick review of my favourites.


My top polish from the collection is Dionysus. A beautiful holo purple that applied creamy dreamy!

My next favourites were a tie. The first was Hermes, a pearly white with a smattering of holo.

The second was Aphrodite, a bright pink with holo that proved incredibly difficult to photograph!

None of the polishes were complete misses for me. The formula overall was really easy to work with and I found the collection to be a good mix of finishes and colours! Of course, we all have our colour preferences, but that’s just personal taste!

Full review of Dionysus

Full review of Hermes.

Full review of Aphrodite.

Full review of Athena, the soft lilac.

Full review of Artemis, the dark green jelly.

Full review of Apollo, a pretty coppery metallic.

Any standouts for you?


Disclaimer: These polishes were sent for review – but all opinions are always my own! 

BlackLace Cosmetics – Aphrodite

I finally have the last polish from the first half of the Mount Olympus collection by BlackLace Cosmetics ready to go.

This one gave me such a hard time photographing it, due to the vibrant hue of pink which is notoriously difficult to capture on film. I tried multiple times, which is why it took so long! Finally, I found the formula… overcast day, natural light, and flash and I got the colour to show properly! Phew.

I used 3 coats and topcoat in these pictures. The formula was great, and you can probably get away with 2 coats on this one. Aside from the blindingly bright shade, it also packs a sprinkling of scattered holo throughout. So pretty!!



Can you see the holo glitter in there? Very pretty! This and Athena… and Hermes, are probably my favourites out of this half of the collection! Check them all out here, including the second half of the collection. Happy Monday!

Disclaimer: This polish was sent for review – but all opinions are always my own! 

Emerald & Ash – Titty Sprinkles

Last up of the polishes I received from Emerald & Ash is Titty Sprinkles. The name on this made me laugh so hard, I had to know the inspiration. On the E&A website, I found my answer: “Based on a recurring joke about everything I own, including my own lady lumps, being covered in a fine dust of glitter, shimmer and sparkle at any given time.”  I love it even more since she used the term lady lumps. Amazing.

On to the polish. I used 3 coats of this polish, with topcoat. It was slightly thicker of a formula, but any polish packing this much flakie goodness is bound to be thicker. There are so many beautiful colours jammed into this bottle… to me, it leans mostly purple with a strong blue presence… but almost looks metallic at times!


That does it for my Emerald & Ash swatches. Any standouts for you? I think my favourite is this one… but there are a few others in the collection that I’m eyeing myself! What about you? Happy Sunday!!

Emerald & Ash – Zetus Lapetus

Next up from Emerald & Ash is Zetus Lapetus, a beautiful hot pink polish with blue microflakies.

I love, love the color and finish of this polish. I did find the formula quite thick and decided to thin it out with some of my Poshe polish reviver. Once I did that, it was great.

I used 3 coats and one coat of topcoat as usual. Please excuse the blue ink on my finger… a pen I was using leaked all over and it didn’t scrub off for 3-4 days!!!




I adore this polish! I love the unique flakies… and we all know I love pink!


This polish was sent for review – but all opinions are always my own!

Emerald & Ash – Stubble Jumper

I was super excited when a friend let me know that Emerald & Ash were looking for some bloggers to help swatch their new Life in Color collection. I hadn’t tried any Emerald & Ash polishes before, but I’m always happy to add another brand to my list of indie loves.

Last week, a box showed up in my mailbox containing three polishes and a cuticle oil.

First up, the teal/blue polish called Stubble Jumper. This name made me do a double-take, but apparently stubble is the cut-down wheat in a field… so Stubble Jumper refers to a farmer jumping over that stubble! City-girl me would have never figured that out alone. Stubble Jumper is a smokey teal with blue shimmer and gold flakie glitter.


I used three coats of Stubble Jumper and one coat of my topcoat. I found this colour was easy to work with and had great coverage after three coats.



Shipping on this collection begins on July 21. The polishes are $9-$9.50 each, and for Canadians shipping starts at $7.50 and $1 for each additional polish. Check out the full collection here… and stayed tuned for my other swatches! Happy Friday!

Nail Polish Canada – The Great Polish Giveaway!

So, recently I learned about this amazing giveaway NPC was hosting. They are allowing bloggers to get into the action and help the prize grow. I was eager to join in and selected one of my top lemmings to add to the prize pot.

Here’s the best part… the winner could win up to 200 bottles of polish, all selected by your favourite bloggers!!! Each blog is hosting a unique entry form… so that means you can visit each blog and gain new entries. I’m so pumped for this giveaway.

So… what polish did I pick?

Lilypad Lacquer’s Apple Crisps. Like I said, I don’t have it yet so you can head over to NPC’s site to see swatches.

Enter here and make sure to visit all the other blogs to get more entries.

lilypad lacquer apple crisps

Follow the Giveaway here! :) 

Click it!!!

The other polishes included in the prize are listed here.


BlackLace Cosmetics – Hermes

This is definitely one of my favourite polishes I’ve received from anywhere in the past month or two. I’m sure happy that BlackLace Cosmetics chose to send me a package of her polishes to swatch.

Next up from BLC is Hermes… a beautiful pearly white with a splash of holo for good measure. I used 3 coats for best coverage, and finished with topcoat as usual. This was the only polish in the collection that I found to be just a smidge thick for my liking. That tends to happen with polishes that are packed with shimmer and glass-fleck looking particles. No matter, I added a few drops of polish thinner (I have one from Poshe). We all have our preference for polish viscosity, and I prefer mine on the thin side!

Any how, the polish is gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!





Look closely and you can see the pearly qualities it has… different shades of pink and blue shimmers, with the holo sparkles throughout! Delicious. Remember, you can pick up this and the rest of BlackLace Cosmetic’s polishes on her Storenvy… and you can visit her on Facebook and say hi! Happy Sunday!